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Satan's PurgARTory


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Jul 13, 2009
Shadow Moose Island
gaying mantis
Timelines. This ended up being more of a dump than I intended so, I'm gonna spoiler tags. Basically I was trying to wait myself out on the mantis content to dilute it a bit, but then I ended up with too many mantises. So... uh... help?

Took one of my newer experimental digital styles and revisited a character I used to draw all the time.

(yes theres a random aliased line on his face that appeared when i downscaled. im too lazy to fix it)

Inversely, felt like revisiting an older style of mine. Drew character(s) I've been drawing a lot lately, in it. <3 (aka mantis hell)

moment of silence

Some messy, lazy traditional stuffs. Drew my two most favoritest HK characters and salvaged my coloring pencils from uhhhhh 2015??? Was too lazy to sharpen them so thats why everything looks 10x worse. I don't have a black pencil in the set I retrieved so blue+brown = black.

(my friend says his eyes look like the blackhole)

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May 6, 2012
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Wow these are all amazing! Good stuff :D I really like the first one, is he an OC or a character from somewhere else?

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