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Saddest Zelda Song


I am the wannabe Kokiri!
Oct 9, 2010
Northern Ireland
Midna's Lament for me, purely for the fact that at the time I felt genuinely upset for Midna while she lay half dead on 'my' back.
Dec 19, 2011
Vermont, USA
The Song of Healing, particularly coupled with Darmani's cutscene, is extremely sad. I also think the Final Hour from MM is extremely depressing. Finally, Queen Rutela's theme.

Manolito Mystiq

Innovative Artist
Dec 4, 2012
The Hague
"The Final Hour"

Most of Majora’s Mask is sad. The other songs that came to mind are both from said game: Song of Healing and Astral Observatory. I feel so sad when I especially hear the latter. It has something dreamy, but also something sad, longing, lonely. It’s a very complex piece. I’m not sure who composed it, though. Koji Kondo or Toru Minegishi? Is there some wiki explaining what part of the soundtrack each of the two composers did for the OST?


Not A Wizard
Nov 30, 2012
Los Angeles
I don't remember what it's called, but the song that plays when Midna is dying in Twilight Princess. That whole part of the game is depressing, and that song just added to that feeling.
Dec 6, 2012
To me it shall always be "the final hour". Never have I heard such a tearful song. It really feels like the entire world is going to die, the Innocence destroyed and no-more.

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