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General Art RISE (Fan Fiction)

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010

Come on over, let me introduce myself. Let’s shake hands, talk over a cup of tea, get to know each other, and then I’ll stab you in the back like a butcher and his cow. Or we can just talk. Talk and talk and talk. That’s all we ever do right? *Ahem* That’s all They ever do. Those people are all talk and no action. Looks like I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, and I apologize for that. So let me introduce myself again. My name is... whoops. Got ahead of myself again. I can’t tell you who I am just yet. You must figure that out for yourselves. Anyway, if you must know, I’m someone that’s, shall I say, above average. I’m Distinctive, not at all like Them. While They are on the road to Nowhere, the road to being ornery dogs, splashing around in the mud puddle that is this land, I am plotting the greatest plan in this land's history.

Well, it looks like I’m getting ahead of myself again. You know what? Let’s start over. I still won’t tell you my name, but I’ll let you know right now that it’s one you might or might not know. Pretty helpful, right? I probably won’t be your best friend, but I know we’ll grow close. Very close. But you might want to keep an eye out for me. Never judge a book by its cover. I have strange philosophies. Or maybe I’m just crazy. Or maybe I’m just Better than Everyone. It’s definitely not those first two statements, I assure you. I may possibly be a nutter, and these next few lines you read may not change your opinion of me too significantly.

Some will Rise, and some will Fall. That’s all anyone really needs to know. Right now I don’t seem like much, but you won’t be saying that later. Oh, no you won’t. Some people do whatever they must to achieve their goals and find success. But where do we really establish the boundaries, you ask? In my opinion, there are no boundaries. Boundaries are for failures. Boundaries are for those who cannot achieve their goals and will never find success. If you want to grab hold of your dreams, you must do what is necessary. Even Killing. But people Die when you Kill Them. What good could ever come of ending another’s life just to better your own? The most common answer would be “nothing”. But I’m Special. I’m Different, because I’m Better than Them.

Do you know who I am? I must be someone important to talk in such a confident manner. And rest assured, I will be. Not yet, but my time of glory shall come soon. Perhaps in the next few days, perhaps in the next few weeks, perhaps in the next few months or years. Or maybe I shall never have my moment of grandeur. I just Lied. That will never happen because They’re too stupid. The land and its soil, riches and inhabitants will all be mine soon enough. It’s just a matter of Time, that’s all.

So do you know who I am now? Of course you do. Doesn’t everybody? If you don’t know who I am, I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to do things. Things you’ll never forget.
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Nov 12, 2010
Interesting. Looks like we got a bit of a lunatic on our hands, though. I know for sure I want to keep me eyes on this story though. Keep up the great work, my friend.

Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
Chapter the First
Are you ready yet?

Long ago in the quiet kingdom of Hyrule, the sun is setting, leaving nothing but a path of purple and red behind. Not a single sound could be heard in the entire land. All was well, but a furious storm is on the horizon, ready to blaze of trail of destruction and sadness behind. No one in the land suspected a thing. Why would they ever be concerned that such a storm should arrive? After all, there were no ominous signs or strange happenings in Castle Town or anywhere else to tell of a great peril... yet. Little did the inhabitants of Hyrule know that a man among their ranks could possibly be the most devious and black-hearted being to ever walk the gentle fields of the country. In this very country lived a simple guard, protecting the grounds of Castle Town (or as residents like to call it, the "Market"). His name is Draco Beaufort. This young man was assigned to the gates, watching everything that comes in and out of the borough. It wasn't a very thrilling job, nor was it a satisfying job. He wore the what was standard-issued and did as he was told. I suppose you could call him your everyday "good boy", because that was exactly what Draco was. He was a very good boy indeed. Draco knows a lot of things, yes. He's smart, athletic and above all else, a very good boy. And he will do things that the kingdom of Hyrule will never forget. But he doesn't know it yet.


As the light of day is coming to an end, Draco Beaufort makes his way back to Castle Town. Earlier today, his fellow guards had asked him to go out and buy some fresh Lon Lon Milk. The guards regularly ran errands and each day's responsibilities would be placed on a different guard. Today happened to be Draco's day. As he made his way back, a very familiar face struck his memory.

"Ganondorf? Why are you here? Don't you have some business to attend to?" Draco called out to the man leaning on the front gate with one arm.

"To see you, fool. It's been awhile, hasn't it?" Ganondorf replied rather heartily.

The good boy could only nod his head foolishly as he looked into his old friend's eyes. Ganondorf's ignoring his duties to come see me? I must be dreaming, he thought.

"What's wrong, Draco? Are you that shocked to see me? Come 'ere and give me a nice firm handshake," Ganondorf said as he approached Draco.

The good boy took a small step back, then paced forward and met Ganondorf with a forced smile. They shook hands, and Draco took note in his mind that Ganon's handshake was unusually strong. Finally, Draco mustered all of his confidence and was able to utter a few lines. "It's good to see you, pal."

With that, Draco shied away and began walking towards the innards of the town. Ganondorf gave him a look of disappoint and called him back. Draco simply waved him off and started for the tavern. This was the place where he and his companions would have a sip of the milk that they would purchase each and every day. To Draco and his guard cronies, it was a miracle that the Lon Lon Ranch could stay in business with what little amount of income Talon had. After all, the guards the virtually his only customers. How in the world does Talon manage to keep the ranch up and running?

He put these thoughts aside and proceeded into the tavern. Everyone was seated except for Draco. He lifted the large crate of Lon Lon Milk bottles and set them on the table. Every day the bartender would tell them that outside drinks were not allowed inside the tavern, but this was always ignored. The reason the guards never purchased the tavern's milk was because of its shoddy quality. Nobody dared drink from a bottle of tavern milk. Draco sat down next to his closest friend of all the guards, Nico.

"How ya doin' buddy? Find a lucky lady fer yerself?" Nico asked as he nudged Draco in the shoulder playfully.

"Not yet," the good boy replied timidly. "How about yourself?"

Nico guffawed and let a hiccup sneak out. "I'm not doin' too shabby, mate! I caught me a real beaut last nigh'." He gave Draco a manly slap on the back and the table burst into deafening roars.

Draco Beaufort smiled weakly and scratched his head. "That's good to hear."

The rest of the night carried on in this manner, a loud, uproarious banter that often disgusted high-class snobs who had decided to come off their pedestals and drink at the tavern. After the commotion died down, three of Draco's friends had fallen asleep, their heads resting on the table (except for more Michael, whose head was resting between a chair and the legs of the table). The rest were getting ready to leave for home, among them was the good boy. The day had been completely ordinary, excluding Ganondorf's visit to Draco.

As the moon is halfway up in the sky, Draco Beaufort makes his way home to his small cottage in Kakariko Village, within walking distance from Hyrule Castle and Castle Town. Little does he know he's in for something far greater than he can comprehend. Something... out of the ordinary.


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