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Returning Music?


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Feb 15, 2021
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I've gotta say, I was really impressed by the music in the botw 2 trailer. I know the trailer music is usually different from what you see in the game, but it did have some interesting music styles. The music in botw was a little dull but this seems promising. As a recap, here's a link to the trailer music.

All of that said to get to my point- what classic zelda songs would you like to see make a resurgence? Botw was really clever in how it played old songs, making a background thing in certain situations. But are there any songs you'd like to see revamped?
Personally, I think they could do something cool with the song Of storms. There's this really cool part in the trailer where the music gets- idk how to describe it, it go "bu wee woo, bu wee woo, bu doo doo do do wee woo". It's kinda techno? Anyway, I think that mixed with song of storms would make this cool mechanical combo. Another good one to bring back would be Gerudo Valley. Firstly, it's a fan favorite. Secondly, if played a certain way it can create a lot of dread that would play well if something bad was going down in gerudo desert.

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Aug 31, 2014
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one thing that bothered me in botw was the absence of really melodic tracks. If you weren't in a city you got light piano riffs, and if you were in a city it was usually just arpeggios of some kind and not really anything too complex (which isn't necessarily a bad thing don't get me wrong)
it just bothers me coming out of a franchise that almost always has an unusually significant focus on music, even to the gameplay at times. A lot of people say "oh it would get boring listening to the same piece for so long" but like
oot hyrule field (and tp I guess...) exist! The technology exists! Write stupid rondos! I'm sick of getting ambient plinks when we could have a totally epic "smash bros great plateau theme" and actually USE THE STUPID BREATH OF THE WILD MOTIF

Nov 30, 2021
I would love to see BOTW2 have more memorable music. I miss the catchy tune of Dragon Roost Island, Song of Storms the grand feeling you get with OOT Hyrule Field, The Great Sea, and the Dark World, and the sadness of tunes like Song of Healing. BOTW has some nice sounding tracks but very few of them are memorable or have catchy tunes. And then compared to something like Wind Waker (my personal favorite Zelda ost) I can pretty much play the game in my head when listening to the songs. And I feel like Nintendo kind of lost that with BOTW and even a bit with Skyward Sword. BOTW’s music isn’t really that different from most AAA game soundtracks nowadays, pretty, but not memorable, which is what I love about Nintendo music and even so many other iconic game soundtracks like Megalovania, Megaman music, Dragon Roost Island, Kokhiri Forest and SM64 theme song which are some of my favorite soundtracks of all time. I personally think modern Mario games have done a better job making the jump to orchestrated, with games like the Galaxy games and Odyssey still incorperating memorable catchy themes into their beautiful orchestrated soundtracks. Just my thoughts.
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