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Return of Demise

Mar 2, 2012
When I first fought Demise I thought he was the most badass villain I had ever fought. Not only in the Zelda series but in all of the video games I've played. I would love it if he made another appearance. Even though he is the essence of evil in the Zelda villains which technically means he's always there I would like to see him in his revived form. I really want Demise to be in another game. How about you guys?


Sage of the Dark Forest
Mar 3, 2012
Deku Palace, Termina
Demise is in other games... technically. His curse has created Gannondorf and many other villans. But if you talking about the CHARACTER Demise, then yes. I also thought he looked pretty cool. I would like to get more info on his background though.

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