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Resident Evil 4 - Review


Sage of the Dark World
May 29, 2012
Dark World, Sacred Realm
Hello everyone!
Recently I've purchased Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition and I must say it was worth the money!
The "presidents daughter is captured" seems kind of cliché but still a great start for the plot.
The games graphics are amazing and the merchant to sell, buy, and tune up items is a great idea for the game.
The enemies of RE4 are greatly designed, along with the new villian, Lord Saddler.
The allies (Ada Wong and Luis) are great characters, along with Luis's attitude "I got one very important question.. Do you got a smoke?" =)
The side villians, The Cheif, Salazar, and Krauser, are great villians and fun people to face!
The one thing that disappoints me is the limited size of your inventory.. But still..
I give this game a great 9/10.

Now, if you wish to, reply your own review of this epic survival-horror game!
Thanks for reading/participating! =)


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Do you got a smoke?

Oh, man why did they kill off Luis? He was such a great guy! Anyway...I believe RE4 is a great game as well. GC, PS2, PC, Wii, 360, PS3...no matter what version you buy (GC is best imo), you're in for a blast. Although, I wouldn't dub the game a survival-horror game but just a survival game.

Atmosphere was ALWAYS unsettling, the enemies were crazy and I loved the limited inventory system. Much better than Resident Evil 5 and 6's, in my opinion. :_)


将軍 ジタン
Jan 10, 2012
Stock Pot Inn in the Knife Chamber
I totally agree that it is great game, I actually just finished the wii version along with seperate ways last night and had a blast. I have officially beaten every version of the game. GC, PS2,3, PC, 360 and wii. I think there is a mobile version too. Great game. I also think that it is way scarier than RE 5 and 6.

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