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(REQUEST) Would someone who knows how to put Ocarina of Time into a debug menu test to see if Saria's Fairy has a default color...

May 5, 2022
Non Binary
... if you load the game straight into said debug menu, and go straight for a Saria cutscene? Theoretically, she should have the same color fairy every time, since you never did anything that could influence RNG, and thus, we could have a slightly more valid answer for what color her fairy is.

If you don't know, every Kokiri's fairy's color changes every time you (re)load the area with said Kokiri, meaning it is changeable based on RNG. I started a new file to test this, with using Link, and only "Link" as the name, but I forgot you don't start right at the Saria greeting you cutscene, as you have to walk around a bit inside Link's home to enter that cutscene, which can cause the RNG to be changed, hence why I'm asking for this bit of a possible cheat to figure out Saria's fairy's color.

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