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Remlits--Adorable? OR DEADLY??

May 5, 2012
In the land of no return :D
they fly? O_O I had no idea... I never experienced that part.

I remember when I first played SS that I thought the lil Remlit was so dang cute! Was all "awwwwww ^_^"
then night came.... Scared me -_- was not expecting that cute lil creature to be so dang evil o_O


Flamey-o, Hotman!
Aug 29, 2011
Halfway There
Heh, I love reading all of your reactions to the little devils. Thanks to all of you for posting! And Shadsie, I never really noticed it, but you're right. It seems that all harmless animals seem to like attacking you. . . .


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
They are Demoic Kitty's. <3
Sep 10, 2011
Remlits . . . adorable in the day yet deadly at night. I'm so torn =\ so confused :S
A real love-hate relationship, no better way to describe it.
What happens if your cuddling with your pet Remlit just as the sun begins to set . . . o.o


Why did the humans attack
Apr 5, 2012
Well, I must be somewhere!
Adorable or deadly....

BOTH! X3 At night time I would hit it a few times and be like "GRR! STUPID CAT! Dun hurt me! D;" then it would run off and I would follow. It makes those noises and cowards in the corner. "DAAAW kitty! I'm sorry I hit you! =C"


I like them, they somehow managed to remain cute even when they turn into those vicious, demonic... things.


Jul 13, 2008
I have a funny story about Remlits. My friend was over (Who doesn't play Zelda at all) and I let him play around with Skyward Sword. He somehow came into contact with a Remlit, in the day time and I told him "Hey, you know you can pick those guys up, right?" So he proceeds to do so and then for the first time that I saw this EVER he chucks it off the edge of Skyloft! xD We both start laughing and I get a little worried because I'm all like "Dude, did you just kill an innocent cat with cute ears?" But then he flew right back up and I was relieved. Mind you, this was very early in my SS career and I did not know how deadly a Remlit could actually be.

My opinion nowadays is to just ignore them. It's fun to pick them up in the day time but I'm not a fan of slashing at a cat with my sword :/ So I just run past em at night time. I find it extremely annoying though how they're everywhere at night time. Sometimes it's hard to get past them. They're definitely deadly.


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Remlits are both adorable and deadly at the same time. They are only deadly for certain reasons (I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't figure it out), but none the less they are adorable during the day! I always play the harp and have about five or six of them just bopping their heads with the rhythm! :love:


Cucco Butt
Jun 5, 2012
The remlits are really adorable during the day, but at night they turn into monsters. I say this should let some Zelda players know even cute things can have unexpected stuff.
I think the remlits are still cute, even at night. Its funny seeing them jump at you with fangs and red eyes.


Keyblade Master
Jul 31, 2012
I just want to take some time to acknowledge the most diabolical enemy in this game. They wander around Skyloft making cute noises and following you around. There's a particularly large . . . flock? of them on the left side of the Statue of the Goddess. I believe Fi notes something along the lines of "can become aggressive at night," but since A.)It was a while before it occurred to me to ask Fi and B.)I'm still convinced Fi's voice over is Glados backwards and don't trust her, this is what first went through my mind about these things.
Ok, so you first meet one of these things in Skyloft, and they are flippin adorable. They make the cutest noises and follow you around whilst mewing like a little kitteh!! Then you get your slingshot out to get into Beedle's Airshop and this thing just freaks out and goes and hides in a corner like the scared innocent Remlit it is (scared, innocent Remlit-- oxymoron?)!! So you put away your slingshot and go all "Oh, Im sorry little thing!! I didn't mean to scare you!" so it's huge ears just pop back out looking SO cute and you feel better. Then you have to go do whatever, maybe the Skyview Temple, so you have to leave it. So then later you finish the temple and you find out this little girl was taken away by a monster (Oh nooooes!) and after you gain enough info, you go to get her! On the way you find that adorable litle Remlit from earlier!! Except this time it's eyes are red and it tries to flippin attack you! You then realize that the whole adorable creature act was just a hoax to get it to trust you!! You immediately feel stupid for ever falling for it. So you attack this evil thing back, not once but twice!! It takes but two hits for it to realize that you are a more skilled fighter than it and it doesn't stand a chance. So what does it do?? It goes all "im just a pitiful little animal, why would you hurt me like that :kawaii: !? *goes and runs and hides in a corner whilst making some of the most dang pitiful noises you've ever heard*" And for a second you fall for it, feeling bad for the thing, and pick it up only to have it attack you again!! You realize that it betrayed you, and you go run after it to attack it again. After a couple sword slashes, you realize that it CAN'T BE KILLED (Its like the children from the Elder Scrolls!) and you resort to the one thing left-- chucking it off the edge. So you do that and are thinking "Gosh, finally, that thing's gone" when you realize how wrong you are. Because it came back. Flying. With it's flippin EARS. You then decide you don't like these things.
So, what are your experiences with Remlits, do you have a different opinion of them?? Please share :) .

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