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Remembering Skyward Sword

How do you feel about Skyward Sword? Then and Now. READ THREAD FIRST!

  • I hated Skyward Sword back then, but I lone it now

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  • I loved Skyward Sword back then, and I still love it now

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  • I hated Skyward Sword back then, and I still hate it now

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  • I loved Skyward Sword back then, bit I hate it now

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Jan 25, 2010
Think all the way back to E3 2010. Yeah, that's right, the year all of us Zelda fans out there just learned about the franchises newest title Skyward Sword. Some fans loved it, they instantly fell in love with the game. But, still, other fans hated it. It turns out, that is not what they were expecting at all.


Remember this? This was the first bit of information about the game that Nintendo released. This concept art had quite some speculation. Why does Link not have a sword? Who is that girl? This artwork led to many fans believing that Skyward Sword would be realistic, but after all, it was only concept art. With the new art style, many fans were shocked, and didn't know what to think.

And now look where the game is, It's been over a year since the announcement of Skyward Sword, and look at all this fresh information we have gathered. New items, new locations, more story details, and even new races. It's even number 1 on Gamestops top list of preorders.

I will admit, Skyward Sword was not at all what I was expecting, but even when I first saw the E3 2010 trailer, I instantly fell in love with the game. I'm sure this was the case for many Zelda fans.

How about you? What did you feel like when you first saw Skyward Sword? Did you love it? Hate it? How about now? Skyward Sword is so close to release. Many fans, such as my self, are on the edge of there seat, waiting...

Share your thoughts about how you felt at Skyward Swords first announcement, and how you feel now.

(About the thread, BACK THEN means back at E3 2010, and NOW means, well, in the present.)

(Does anyone know how to make the link appear on screen?)

EDIT:Okay, so I just realized I messed up on the poll, On the fist choice, It says I LONE it now, but obviously it's supposed to say I LOVE it now. That is a mistake that cannot be fixed, so just try to ignore it. :)
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Aug 2, 2010
I felt indefferent. While it looks to be shaping up to be a great game, I never get hyped up for video game releases. I did once though, for Black Ops...when I did pick it up, I realized that I just wasted $60 on another copy of MW2 but with a little polish thrown on it.-.-


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
When I first saw Skyward Sword, I thought 'Zelda is going to be freaking awesome'. Now, I'm sorta mixed about SS. I mean, the more information I hear about it the more I start to think that the Zelda series is going to turn to typical RPG formats. I don't have much of a basis for that opinion, but the itchy feeling is still there.

I'm dying to play SS to (dis)prove my suspicions though, I already know the game is going to be one of the best the Wii has to offer, and will undoubtedly be better than at least three pre-existing Zelda titles :3


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Jan 30, 2011
I think this will be the most revolutionary Zelda we have seen to date. I was a little skeptical about the unfinished graphics back then but now I can see they've polished everything up quite well. I have nothing but great expectations about Skyward Sword and I can't wait to conquer the evil of Hyrule with my shiny new Golden Triforce Wiimote (that obv comes with the game ;P)

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Aug 6, 2011
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I'm extremely excited for Skyward Sword, as I've always been. I honestly was freaking out just over that one piece of concept art at E3 2009, and when it was announced at E3 2010, I watched the trailer over and over and over again. Sure, it wasn't the Twilight Princess graphics I'd expected, but I was just so happy that it was a new Zelda game and that it wasn't called Prophet of Light that I didn't care.


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Feb 8, 2011
Upon first seeing Skyward Sword's graphics, I was actually indifferent. I didn't know what the impressionistic style would be like, so I investigated impressionistic artwork and was utterly amazed at what I found. It's obvious that Skyward Sword has been updated since, coming to look all the more incredible. It's water is crystal clear, though bearing a fair shade of blue. The clouds seem to be more realistic with the aforesaid artstyle applied to it. Everything is shown in greater detail, like a Twilight Princess remake with brighter animations. I'm super-hyped for this game. I know from what I've seen that it will be stupendous no matter what and it may even drown out all my other favorite games, excluding the memories.

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Feb 23, 2011
I was very "hyped" about Skyward Sword when it was first announced, but I was even more intrigued by what the story and plot would have in store for me. I'm really good at predicting videogames very early on and I have been doing so for years. So I was really anxious to post my theories and predictions about the game as soon as possible. I started at Zelda Universe, and came to ZD thereafter where my Skyward Sword theories were well-received. Heh heh, I'm kinda going off on a tangent here. In a nutshell, I was more anxious to speculate and theorize about SS more than any game in the series before, and predicting plot elements was more difficult for me this time around. The first artwork released was especially puzzling...
Jun 20, 2014
I have always kept an open mind about Nintendo's love of different art styles for Zelda games. Even though I am more of a purist and absolutely love the realistic art style. From that aspect, I loved Skyward Sword from the beginning and I love it now. From what I have seen, it has the chance to knock Ocarina of Time off the throne of being the best Zelda game ever made.


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Sep 8, 2011
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My biggest qualm was Zelda's look when I first saw her. I thought she looked rather ugly, but it looks like either they've improved her model since, or I've gotten used to it, because now I really like how she looks. Other than that, I've always thought Skyward Sword would be better than Ocarina of Time.

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