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Releases You're Looking Forward To

Feb 26, 2020
I'm surprised there isnt a thread for this... (maybe i'll get my first sticky).

Anyway, this is going in the media section and is a thread to list which releases youre looking forward to, be it book, movie, video game, anime, music... anything entertainment related.

Maybe listing what youre currently looking forward to might get other people hyped up.

So, which releases are you currently looking forward to?
This AMAZING demo project by this Amino creator. It's only a demo right now but they have stated, "with enough support, the full project will me WAAAAY more satisfying."

If your an artists, someone who supports artists, or just fans of LoZ, YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT!

Full Project Demo: http://piff.me/b17254a

YouTube: https://youtu.be/q_APYm0-tbA


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