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Redone:At Last,my Timeline!


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May 17, 2009
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The only problem Pinecove is that none of it is clear enough to me. Like, for instance, the whole scene with his neck snapping. How could Ganondorf's neck literally snap from a presence (Zant) who wasn't even really there? Zant was already defeated way before hand. I'll be honest in saying that originally, I though Ganondorf had died. But the scene with Zant is something I think more symbolic than literal. As for the Triforce, I agree that he likely lost the ToP at the end. Which would technically mean that he would die since he didn't have its power anymore.
You have some good points here that I agree with...

Ganondorf clearly died. He was stabbed in his weak spot in the chest with the Master sword, which repels evil. Upon being stabbed by Link, Ganondorf's Triforce of Power faded, his neck was snapped by Zant, and he never moved again.
The problem is that this "death" isn't clear at all. It could be just another defeat. A weak spot doesn't mean much. Ganondorf is weak to light arrows, yet he's been shot with them how many of them? The weak spot is probably there more as a target (and a "scar" of his past banishment) for the player.

Additionally, the neck snapping is very unclear and still highly debated. Many people take it as a literal snapping of Zant's neck or slaying of Ganon, while others such as myself see it as a symbolic way of severing the magical tie of lended power between Zant and Ganon. So, without a 100% for sure meaning, it isn't very clear at all. We can't say he "never moved again" because we only saw him for a small amount of time afterward.

It's possible that Ganon died. The Triforce of Power did fade, but does that necessarily mean anything? From what we've seen in other games, the Triforce piece can be present on a character and not glow. Sheik is a prime example of this. Another example from OoT is the scene where Ganondorf is playing his organ all dramatically. The pieces don't glow until they are near in that scene.... ANOTHER example is the scene in the throne room in TP. Ganon seems to will his piece to glow.

One point I would like to bring up is that Ganon never says if he's actually there or not. What I mean is, could it be that he is doing the similar thing to A Link to the Past? Perhaps, aside from lending Zant power, he uses the power that the Twili's anguish gave him to have a sort of manifestation in the Light Realm.

There is nothing to say that he's actually there, at least not that I remember so correct me if I'm wrong please. He's just suddenly there, as far as I can remember. While it's possible that he somehow escaped, it's also possible that he's manifested a physical body for himself and is still controlling it from the Twilight Realm. I think this is very possible, as it's happened in the past and this time Ganon says he wants to control both realms. Another piece to help back this up is that not only is he able to go from human form to beast, but he is able to transport his soul (is it a soul?) into Zelda and possess her body. I think that is more leaning to the side that at this point he's only a spiritual form and not his true self.

If any of that is the case, then the dimming of the ToP could simply mean that the temporary body he was controlling from the Twilight Realm was defeated. Similar to OoT, he makes another threat about the future, saying:
"Do not think this ends here...
The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!"

To me, that seems like it means he'll come back, regardless if he died or not. Dying doesn't seem to do much to him.


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Jul 1, 2010
Chamber of Sages
i dont think he died and here i my reasons. the "weak"point was because of the sages which could act as a type of seal.so when link stabed ganondorf i think his soul literally went into the sword and so the ToP lest cause thee was no one in that body which would yes give death to ganondorf so ganondorfs soul left his body and searched for a new one which would be aginim and wated for the master sword to be pulled to gain more of his power.its preety silly to think about but it is zelda and anything could have happened

i no wat i said was silly but think about it could have happened lol
Ya know, that makes sense actually. It's crazy like you said, but it makes sense.
Jun 13, 2010
wow really hylian beast i thought everyone would think im nuts and go all logical on me lol well at lwast some one thinks im not crazy

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