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Redeads Good or Bad?


The Seal has been Broken
May 18, 2011
The Temple of Time
I am making a tread to ask people and to see reasons how redeads can be bad, annoying, or hard or if the are fun, easy and not a bother. I personally now think(after beating OoT) that redeads are very easy,simple to fight, and not a bother since they can be easily defeated.
Feb 23, 2011
I find Redeads very amusing. It's fun to find new things to do to them (which may sound a little twisted).

I like performing what I like to call The Matrix-based stunts utilizing Zora Link's fighting style in MM. You just use Zora Link's fighting moves like normal, time yourself right, then let the Redeads/Gibdo's screech freeze you in place. It's especially cool when you do the Zora flip kick and freeze in mid-air. :cool:

The only thing I really found annoying about Redeads was how they would "grab onto" Link...and; which is awfully suggestive, in my opinion.

Remember those times in Ocarina of Time. Like, the part in Kakariko Village with that graveyard obstacle course where you got the Hookshot (keep in mind, you were timed). ...or when you were in a hurry to get out of that depressing Well and you kept falling to the bottom floor. There were a lot them down there.

One more. When racing against time to escape Ganondorf's collapsing castle at the end of OoT, there was that one, or was that a Gibdo?


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
BAD!! There is nothing good you can say about the atrocity that is called the ReDead. They all deserve to die (again, haha). They are difficult to fight without being stunned (especially in the Well, where you're a child, and they have the ability to stun you from so far away for some reason), and take a billion hits to kill. I did, however, more recently discover that you can avoid their eye by simply walking around with your sword charging, as if for a spin attack. Along with what I was saying before, they are also very creepy (and look like they are doing suggestive things to you), and are not easy to get off of you when they attack.

In conclusion, they are obnoxious, creepy, annoying, and downright difficult to kill.


Windfall Walker
Jun 14, 2011
Redeads. I believe they are misunderstood.

I'm not too keen on the lore of the Redeads, but if, like the name and their appearance suggests, they are basically zombies - damned to roam Hyrule in their corpse form, unable to move on to the other side. They apparently are forced by Ganon to live in the dark corners of Hyrule in dungeons, pits, and other awful prisons. There they wait... for years. For what reason? What reason is there left to exist? The chance to move on. The chance to go home. So there they wait, as their orders probably demand. "Wait for the child in green," Ganon or one of his commanding officers probably demanded, "And I will give you your freedom."

So, there they lurk in the shadows... yearning for nothing more than to move on.

One day, a lonely Redead, unable to speak in the common tongue anymore, and only groan with the agony of an glorious age of Hyrule now all but lost, they wait. Wait for their one chance to move on. Enter: the child in green. A 'hero,' apparently. This is his chance.

He leaps forward, hoping to kill the child; it's his only chance.

...but Link strikes him down, with ne'ery another though.

The cycle continues, because the dark magic Ganon has placed on him causes him to resurrect again, in the damned world of Hyrule, once again.

To wait for the Hero... again.



Nov 12, 2010
They're ok. I appreciate them as adult Link. As child Link? Hate them. I don't have my precious Biggoron sword to kill them with, and instead have to use the stupid, weak normal sword.

But I do enjoy torturing them. :cooky:


The Seal has been Broken
May 18, 2011
The Temple of Time
I agree with you Ganondork they are fun and easy when a adult link but as child link the redeads can be difficult because you have to hit them so much and when there are more than one it makes it even harder unless you freeze them all which in some games you can't do.
Jan 9, 2011
I love redeads, becuase they are so scary, much like the bottom of the well, wich is my favourite dungeon in Oot


The game is on!
Ones when I was doing the Savage Labyrinth in WW I came to a floor with four Redeads I think. Anyway, I accidentally ran right into the center of the room so that all of the Redeads were surrounding me and so they started screaming one at a time so I couldn't move for a really long time and my life was almost down to zero. Eventually I managed to escape but I didn't have much life left by that time.
Feb 1, 2011
[highlight]Ocarina of Time Redeads[/highlight] - They're not that bad, but if they catch you off guard and paralyze you, then they become a bother. But they really aren't that bad because you can just stun them using the Sun's Song.

[highlight]Majora's Mask Redeads[/highlight] - I like these Redeads a whole lot better. They made me laugh so hard, so these Redeads weren't bad at all.
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Jun 9, 2011
From a fan perspective, I think the Redeads are great! I love the creepiness of them and the kinda "fear factor" they add to the game.
As a player, the are pretty easy to defeat. Maybe a little annoying at times but nothing the average player can't handle of course.

Cel-Shaded Deku

Ha ha, charade you are!
Jul 24, 2010
Rapin' your churches, burnin' your women!
In Ocarina of Time they're terrifying.

In Majora's Mask they're comidic relief because they dance and you barely encounter Gibdos in the game before getting the gibdo mask.

In the Wind Waker they're terrifying in a different way.

In Twilight Princess they're less of a threat because they're slower and much easier to kill.


Link x Zelda
Feb 7, 2011
I hate the ReDeads. I hope they never appear in any of the Zelda games ever again. Same with the like-likes. Ughh.

The Bottom of the Well, the Graveyard, Market Town (as an adult) and the Shadow Temple. My four least favorite places in the entire OoT game. The spawn points for all ReDeads. They creep me out and I hate going near them. Especially when they hide in places you can't see them and attack you as you innocently walk by.

Thankfully they are killed easy. Four fast hits with the Master sword, two with the Biggoron sword (in OoT).

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