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Majora's Mask Reasons Why I Dont Like Majoras Mask


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Jul 2, 2010
Ikana Canyon
(Just to say something, I'm not... arguing with you? Or mad at you in any way either. MM is my favorite Zelda game of all time and I'll defend it with my life, probably the same way you'd defend TP)

@McBlizzy ok, i'll give you reasons

to be fair, the dungeons themselves weren't that bad, but there were a few problems, for example it got difficult and confusing too quickly, the first dungeon was probably one of the easiest i've ever played through, but during the 3rd one i needed a walkthrough. the only dungeon i really hated was the stone tower temple because of its difficulty. i probably should have used a word less harsh than "sucked" but i still didn't like them, they weren't really anything special.

Okay you're allowed not to like the dungeons, the difficult and confusing parts are why MM is more suited for veterans. The Stone Tower was complex but that's what's made it possibly the most complex dungeon of Zelda, it was like two in one! And if you wanted to get all the fairies you had to flip it at least 3 times, it was epic! Maybe instead of hating it because it's hard... appreciate it's difficulty? A LOT of time must have gone into making the dungeon as awesome as it is.

stand by my statement about the time cycle. more than once, i found myself having to play the song of time in the middle of a dungeon and start everything over again. and they don't give you enough time to open your way to the later temples and do them all in one time cycle even with the inverted song of time. all i can say is thank god for those owl statues, but when i open up a dungeon, i want to beat it immediately, and the time stops me from doing that

The above can be easily avoided if you plan your attack properly. All you have to do is play through the region you're in until you get the song that opens the temple. Once you get that you can do the temple anytime, so just go back in time. Then you'll have 3 days to complete the temple instead of trying to rush through it =D

only said the story wasn't very deep, which i stand by. your only real objective is to free four giants, stop the moon from falling and beat majora. that's it. don't talk to me about the sidequests, they aren't a part of the main story and therefore aren't part of the story at all. the only reson the story even begins to seem deep is because (I feel) that theorists read too much into it.

I'm not sure if MM is really THAT deep either, but compare it to OOT.
In MM you have to free the four giants, free all the lands from the curse they're stuck in, stop the moon from falling and defeat Majora.
What do you do in OOT?
Stop Ganon from taking over Hyrule... That's not very deep either. TP is the same way, stop the spread of Twilight from Zant, then stop Ganondorf.

At least in MM there were 4 different regions with their own problems to stop as well.

I'm not going to argue about the OOT approach >.> my biggest beef is the Forest, Fire, Water sequence that was broken by MM (and maybe other older games?)

Honestly I don't think there is a "best" Zelda o_O Each is unique in some sense, each has the same elements in another sense. There definitely is favorites and reasons of superiority we can debate about though :P I'm not telling you to love Majora's Mask, because honestly when I was younger I hated it... (But now it's my favorite) I guess I'm just... encouraging a second look?

P.S. I HIGHLY encourage you to play the song of time backwards, then you can breeze through an entire region in all 3 days =D


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May 13, 2010
okay first thing mcblizy my favourite game is the minish cap second i love most parts of majoras mask third mcblizy twilight princces is my least favourite zelda game

ok now that you all hate me i will show you the things i love about majoras mask

#1the side quests

if you complete the side quests you will love the story and feel one with the charactors

#2 the terrian
the terrian is original and amazing majoras mask has my favourite landscape

#3 the music
for a game based around masks this game has a beautiful sound track and ocarina songs

#4 the masks
im only haph way throgh the game but i love the masks mostly the transformation masks they are the only thing besides the boss battles that i like about the dungeons

#5 the story
by the story in my last post i was refering to the aspect of the moon falling to the earth i love the story i love majoras mask the story about the "gaurdians" is great


Happy Mask Salesgirl
Jul 2, 2010
Ikana Canyon
okay first thing mcblizy my favourite game is the minish cap second i love most parts of majoras mask third mcblizy twilight princces is my least favourite zelda game

Jack, my above replies were not addressing you, I CLEARY quoted VembersWind and replied just to him. Pay attention next time >.<

And Jack, if love most parts of the Majora's Mask why did you start a thread about how you hate it?
Oct 26, 2008
the name seems a litle misleading i like majoras mask but there are certian things i dont like about majoras mask

#1 the story
i know im only eleven i felt the story was dark too dark the aspect of the moon falling on termina in three days is kinda creepy but a great idea

#2 the dungeons
there were only four dungeons what? this game has too little dugeon time and the bosses were so easy the mini bosses were harder

#3the time system
the time system was so annoying i could play zelda for hours on end but majoras mask not so mutch when i play mm i only play three days in one sitting

if you agree with me on theese theories please post

For your first point, it's fair enough. It depends on what your preference of gaming is. Games that have dark plot lines, or games that are light plotlines. I think the dark theme to Majora's Mask is was makes the game what it is, and one of the best Zelda games ever made. A light plot would have made the game no way near as good as it is now.

Now, I agree with the second point you made. Majora's Mask lacked greatly in terms of dungeons, it could have had a dungeon or two more. However, in it's defense, I think that if they made the game have too many dungeons, they would have ruined it, and made it boring. The real fun was found in the side-quests of the game in my opinion. I believe the 4 temples were adequate enough, there's 5 if you include The Moon.

Finally, I quite like the 3 day limit, sure, if you didn't finish a temple in time you had to start again, but with the Bunny Hood and Song of Reverse time, you practically turned 3 days of in-game time into roughly 8 or 9. They only thing that annoyed me about the 3 day time limit is that you had to do certain things on certain days on some side-quests, and the waiting could get quite tedious and boring. Especially if you kept failing it and having to restart over, mainly on side-quests like the Anju & Kafei one.

Eric Wilson

I hated the time limit too, but it was still a great game.

( my friend keeps insisting that I apprecitate it more )

crazeh navi

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Aug 12, 2010
Wherever the TARDIS takes me
@ jack546 dude you just got burned :D

and anyway, for those who dislike the story because they think it's dark, well how could it have been any other way? all the catastrophes that occured are what set the stage for the game. and even though even at the end there were some sad elements (like the deku butler and his son), the ending impression i got was one of hopefullness and renewal for termina.

i think that the song of healing coincides with what the game was all about, so i would advise listening to it a couple times. some just about cry when they hear it, while others see how hopeful the song is, and so it is with the game. even the skull kid is forgiven in the end, so i dont think the story is as dark as much as deep. you get to see the lives of the individuals and you can help them. that makes the story feel more real than games like oot and the like. :)


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Jul 22, 2010
Flying around Skyloft
The Story:


The Dungeons:

1. Woodfall Temple
2. Snowhead Temple
3. Pirate's Fortress
4. Great Bay Temple
5. Beneath the Well
6. Ancient Castle of Ikana
7. Stone Tower Temple
8. Surface of the Moon

The Time System:


Edit: As for the moron who nega-repped me, I was contributing to the discussion by stating my wonderfully obnoxious opinion. And last time I checked, everyone was entitled to an opinion. Now GTFO.
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Jan 31, 2010
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I would agree with you on number 3, the time system. It was particularly annoying when trying to beat the last two dungeons, and made me feel rushed. I wish that resetting time didn't reset the dungeons as well, then it would have been perfect.

I also wish that I could have saved the game without resetting time. I never liked the saving aspect, it made me feel like I had to "hold my breath" until I could play the Song of Time, because I was afraid of losing all my progress.

I really like Majora's Mask as it is, though. It's my second favorite game after Wind Waker.


didn't build that
I agree to an extent. I don't dislike Majora's Mask, nor do I think it is particularly bad, but it is very overrated and, in my opinion, is not superior to its predecessor.

All of these problems can be traced back to the main quest, which was just weak by comparison to other Zelda games. The difficulty was through the roof at times for all the wrong reasons--controlling the Goron was especially difficult and frustrating, and that even cut in to my enjoyment to some of the dungeons. Furthermore, the dungeons were very trying and were not well-constructed; getting from one part of a dungeon to the other took far too long, and after Ocarina of Time's convenient construction, this was a major mistake. I can't tell you how much time I wasted climbing back to the upper floors of the Snowhead Temple, or flipping over the Stone Tower Temple and placing clones on those switches.

Underlying all of these issues was by far the worst offender--the save system. Saving in Majora's Mask was unnecessarily obtuse, and the game penalized players who were unable to play in long sittings. This would be slightly more forgivable if completing complex tasks was not so arduous or time-consuming, but the fact is that I've had gaming sessions where, in spite of playing for a good half hour, I accomplished nothing in the main quest due principally to the broken save system. The gamer should be able to save whenever he wants, or at least the owls should give you a permanent save. I really don't understand why Nintendo had to make it so impossible.

The game has strong points. It has arguably the best sidequests in the entire franchise (though I believe The Wind Waker improved upon it in that regard). The overworld, in stark contrast to the dungeons, is brilliantly constructed in spite of being completely unrealistic. There's a feeling of constant progression even in the main quest when one is actually able to save properly, and the level of depth to each of the characters is simply astounding. The time aspect is also a strength, not a weakness, because it keeps the gameplay fresh and new. Each day has something different to offer. This is something I wish they'd sort of restore in future Zelda games; at least, they could have "templates" for days and small-scale character progression that would mirror the day-to-day progress of Majora's Mask. I think people confuse hatred for the awful save system with hatred for the time element; I cannot fathom why anyone thinks the three-day model is a bad thing, especially when it's so easy to slow down time to a crawl. I was pressed for time, but never so much that it became a nuisance.

As far as story is concerned, MM is a mixed bag. It's bizarre and Alice in Wonderland-like, but it is by no means epic. While I appreciate the personal element, the sense of history that is present in so many Zelda games is missing. As a "fish-out-of-water" story, I actually much prefer Link's Awakening, because the humor's friendlier and the world is more compelling and less consistently dreary. By no means do I think MM's bizarre plotline rivals the high fantasy of OoT or TWW.

So as you can see, I enjoy Majora's Mask, but I would not replay it from the start because of the main quest's unfair difficulty. Since the main quest has these issues, I think it's prevented from being in the upper echelon of Zelda titles, and I cringe when I hear so many Zelda fans (the majority, it seems) proclaim its superiority to Ocarina.
Sep 3, 2010
Majora's Mask complements to Ocarina of Time, is not the same. The story was fantastic and the best in this game was the second stories.



Jun 25, 2010
Personally I don't like MM because I hate Sidequests. In every game I just don't like them. But I do think that Majora's Mask is a great game. Good music and story etc.

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