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Reasons This Game is Not a 10/10


Aug 29, 2010
On the topic of voice acting, I think Skyward Sword does a pretty good job on having everyone silent, and only text and grunts. I know this because if you look at some cutscene, preferably the ones with Groose as an example, are great even though it doesn't have voice acting.

Point is, voice acting can make and break a game, but some games make good substitutes for voice acting, and I think Skyward Sword is one of them.
Nov 11, 2011
They all still have voices, they just don't say any words. So you still hear how they sound. So if they were to go as far as that, they may as well have made them say words at least in key scenes. Which is better ~ for you to hear "Hi, my name is Groosh" or to keep hearing "Errrrrrrrrgk" xD.


Defender of Peace
Oct 2, 2011
Man, it is astounding how fanboys will defend something they've not even played. I'm not even saying the game is BAD, this is the best Zelda game ever made, and yet it is still not a 10/10. It's gonna be amusing if when the game is released you guys end up having some of the same complaints, but refused to believe they were true because "oh noooo, my precious perfect Zelda!"

It's a great game, I'm just saying it is not a 10/10
There is a way to explain this thought without insulting people and calling people names you know. Its unnecesary and unneeded, and you cant tell if they will have these complaints or not since you wont be playing their game anyway. Ratings will almost always be based on someone's opinion, and if you think that it deserves a 9/10, thats great that you have an opinion on a game that you dont think is as perfect as everyone says. However, You cant flat out say that it ISNT based on your personal experience because other people's may be different and be able to look over the problems that they may, or may not, have experienced and may think its a 10/10. You cant just say "Forget your opinion, its wrong!" and expect everyone to agree.

That is not to say that the people on the other side werent sometimes acting a little disrespectful too, but, being the OP, shouldve thought about what you were saying and made it a little more respectful to others opinions.


Dawn of the Final Day
Sep 16, 2011
Gerudo Valley
Man, it is astounding how fanboys will defend something they've not even played. I'm not even saying the game is BAD, this is the best Zelda game ever made, and yet it is still not a 10/10. It's gonna be amusing if when the game is released you guys end up having some of the same complaints, but refused to believe they were true because "oh noooo, my precious perfect Zelda!"

It's a great game, I'm just saying it is not a 10/10
im not being a fanboy and protecting my "precious zelda" im just saying that for all the things that could make the game worse, you listed reasons that shouldn't count and most people either like or deal with anyway. you're just being really nitpicky. enjoy the game and tell us what you thought was good instead of getting people riled up on it. (I am included in the riled up people.)
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Dec 12, 2010
1. Why would you want to skip a cutscene if you never seen it?
2. The same as 1.
3. Then figure it out on your own or use the computer.
4. It's ok
5. Can't say since I don't have the full game yet.
6. I am happy it does not have voice acting (remember Super Mario Sunshine?)
7. It's ok
8. That's been in almost every Zelda game, It's part of Zelda.
Sep 15, 2011
This game looks amazing and I can't wait to pick it up on sunday, I think it'll be the best Zelda to date. That being said, it is going to have some problems. We all know that. I really don't see a problem with a 9 out of 10 rating, it's a little low imo, I'd probably give it a 9.5-9.8. Which is basically saying "this game has problems, but it's still fantastic". Really I don't think you can say any game is "perfect". Even if everything that makes a game great is there, there will still be things that detract from that, and for a lot of people lack of voice acting is something negative. I really don't think it's needed (although it would be helpful when my brother wants to play, so I would't have to sit there and read everything to him). The only thing on the OP's list that really bugs me is the fact that there's only one Shiekah Stone. They should've put one in each area at least, and maybe in each temple too.
Sep 23, 2011
There are plenty of potential reasons that this game would not deserve a perfect score. The problem here is that the reasons YOU listed are either invalid or based on opinion.


Red as the Crimson Sun
Jun 27, 2011
McKinney, Texas
I'm sorry, I highly disagree with you.

1. I can live with that
2. The dialogue is either 1)informative or 2) funny (Just don't talk to people if you don't have to)
3. 2 words "Zelda Mind"
4. Sit upright and make sure YOU are precise
5. meh
6. Respect the classics dude!
7. sitting to regain hearts? Nice mechanic.
8. Great reminder that you are low on health, and it's a staple.


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Jun 15, 2010
1. Unskippable cutscenes - I'm pretty sure you can skip cutscenes with 2. As for the boss cutscenes, well, they can't be that long, can they?
2. Dialogue that cannot be skipped through - That's more of a Zelda thing; it's not limited to only Skyward Sword.
3. Only one Sheikah Stone in the entire game, sucks if you're stuck on a puzzle and need to go all the way back to Skyloft - Well, at least they gave you some help in-game, right? XD
4. Motion controls need to be very precise, wonderful when they work but there have been quite a few moments where I end up striking in a diagonal direction instead of horizontal or vertical - Calibrate your controller? :3
5. Silent Realm is a missed opportunity, there isn't much of any threat here, but there should have been - No comment on this until I play it for myself.
6. No voice acting - Again, a Zelda thing, not something exclusive to Skyward Sword.
7. Still starts you with 6 hearts after you die, even when many save points have a chair near them (sitting in a chair slowly replenishes hearts) so whats even the point of not just starting you at full health, is this hard to program or something - A Zelda thing. I'm pretty sure you start at 6 (or 3, traditionally) hearts every time you die and come back to life because, well, you just died. If you came back to life, wouldn't you think you'd be feeling, I dunno, weak or tired? It's not like you'd be in perfect shape, right? ^_^;
8. that FREAKING STUPID beeeping sound when you're low on hearts is still here - Another Zelda thing. :\

Most of these complaints seem to be just common annoyances with the series and not the actual individual game.

Ah well. With "flaws" like these, which are seriously too small to really distract from the game, it seems like Skyward Sword won't get a 10/10... It would get a 9.9/10.
Jun 22, 2011
Why is "a Zelda thing" an acceptable excuse? Like, just accepting the series' flaws as "quirks" that are part of the series, what?
Sep 25, 2011
Why is "a Zelda thing" an acceptable excuse? Like, just accepting the series' flaws as "quirks" that are part of the series, what?

Because it is a Zelda staple... Their not flaws just your nitpicks. I'm sorry to say but that's exactly what they are, nothing more, nothing less.

To skip cutscenes and dialogue is a nitpick in that it's part of the story and Zelda has heavily become a story game. If you don't like story games then don't buy them.

The Sheikah stone deal? Get better and develop your mind. Use it, train it, cause it will in no way hurt anything and in time is guaranteed to help you by sharpening your clarity and senses. Nintendo wants you to think and use your brain, it would defeat the purpose of the series if they made things simple and so I can see why they did this. It's a repercussion of asking the game for help, if you need advice, you're not going to realistically get it wherever you are whenever you want.

Yes, motion control does need to be precise, perhaps you got a little excited and slashed a little quickly or the calibration became slightly askew over the course of time, it can happen so I'll give you that.

The Silent Realm being easy... well... no game is the same difficulty for everyone. What's easy for you and me may not be for others and that's understandable. There are likely those that had trouble with Twilight Princess while many didn't, it's not a flaw just personal experience and expertise.

Voice acting... Serious nitpick here... A game does not need voice acting to be good. This also works with the sharpening your mind deal I mentioned earlier. Aside from that, many games have subtitles with voice acting and if it doesn't by default, many people I've heard put them on anyway. Thinking and looking at it like that means that either way, there would be text and you would look at it more likely than not as you were listening in order to absorb the information better.

Starting out with 3/6 hearts... All I can say is get better. If they gave you full health after you died it'd be too easy. This is incentive to better your own personal skills and not to die because there are repercussions. You can take precautions against dying with potions and fairies, you have to strategize and realize the extent of your skill and plan accordingly until you do get better to the point where you don't have to bring things with you to keep you alive. If you don't like dying, get better, that's all I can say.

The beeping sound... once again, a nitpick. If you don't like it, same as before, get better. This is both a warning that you're about to die and an incentive to get better so that it won't even come up. I've played games where you don't get that warning and sometimes it can be easy to overlook low health in situations where your mind is racing. I've gotten used to it over the years and within a VERY short amount of looking I find hearts to stop it.

Also, I'd like to point out that the fact of you insulting people is rather disrespectful and completely uncalled for. Honesty is a good policy but there's an extent... You don't have to say EVERYTHING that you think... especially if it's disrespectful. Juicie is a rather intelligent individual and simply misunderstood what you said, it happens. Remember there are two sides to every relationship, conversation or otherwise, and consider if you're information output wasn't clear or specific enough for some to understand. Like I said... it happens sometimes and is nothing to get hostile about.
Jun 22, 2011
How are these things nitpicks if they are all annoying and need to be fixed and addressed? At what point is something a "real" flaw instead of a "nitpick"?
Sep 25, 2011
Considering that the Legend of Zelda is older then either of us and has been this exact same way since that time is what makes it a personal nitpick to you. Something is a flaw when it completely, and I mean literally, makes the game really suck. Like if you had to push a, b, a, 1, 2, and then push your joystick in the direction you want to go just to move... that is a flaw. Text that is ridiculously hard to read and is horribly set up and filled with typos and grammatical errors... that is a flaw. Enemies that can instantly kill you with one hit, for no reason, when they shouldn't, is a flaw...

What Nintendo put into Zelda are incentives and alerts to your own status in the game. Like I said earlier, if you don't like the fact that you don't have full health when you die... get better and don't die. If you don't like the beeping, don't get hit, learn to use your shield to it's maximum use, and get better. Improve yourself so that these things don't happen to you.

There is a big difference between flaw and nitpick and you've listed nitpicks, especially the voice acting. While I wouldn't mind voice acting if it was done right, the point is is that a game DOES NOT need it.
Jul 16, 2011
LOL a list of ridiculous details.... pfff. In the opening post.

No game will ever deserve 10/10 by this criteria.

If you start decrease the score for every little detail that YOU dislike every massive game like this one will receive a near 0 score =P And then we will have 7 hours Uncharted's left in the industry, a game that you finish in 1 weekend easily and that is so shallow and empty that you won't even have anything to discuss about it after you finish it.

This game has the BEST LEVEL DESIGN EVER IN A GAME, tied with a immersive, hugely innovative and perfectly functional gameplay, deeper than any entry in the series.+ The best pacing in the entire series, wiping the floor with OoT in this aspect.

This alone should outshine a whole lot of little complaints.
Aug 1, 2011
Kalamazoo, MI
With game scores, I always consider a .5 point margin of error. In other words, SS might have been given a perfect score when it's really a 9.5 game. In contrast, I saw a review of LttP that gave it a 9.1. I think it's a little better than that, like 9.4.

A lot of reviewers will use multiplayer, series history, or console limitations to excuse a game and give it a higher score. A good game needs no excuses. People saying that SS is "good for a Wii game" is insulting to me. I don't care if the game isn't in 3D-HDTV-holo-vision if it isn't fun. NONE of my favorite games are from this generation, because everyone is so much more focused in shoving pretty graphics in your face. Anyway, I agree that people are giving it excuses, but I am confident that it's one of the best games this generation.

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