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Real-Time Bottle Use: Yay or Nay?



I HATED the real-time use of bottles in this game.

Maybe I'm just too old-school with my Zelda games, (OR maybe just not as good as I thought and used it as a crutch), but it was always nice to "pause" the action and drink a potion milliseconds before being sent to your death.

I DO like how fairly intuitive and quick it was, not to mention more realistic, but on the second-to-final battle in particular (not against that ***** Demise) it burned me TWICE cause I couldn't get it selected/drank in time as I was trying to run away.

I think I also died once in Sky Keep against that guy on the bridge for the same reason.
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Jun 22, 2011
I liked it more than the old way actually. Drinking potions in real time definitely makes it more difficult to replenish health in the middle of combat, but I really like it because even within the world of Zelda time freezing so that someone can drink something doesn't make sense. And I won't lie, anything that can make Zelda games harder at this point in the series is a blessing in my eyes. Also I always found it a little weird to jump back into combat after everything freezes while you're using a bottle anyway. Keeping combat flowing and uninterrupted is how it should be I think.

Sorry to go off topic, but keeping combat flowing is a major reason why the treasure/bug notification system is inexcusably awful. There were many times when I was fighting multiple foes and accidentally picked up a treasure. The gameplay stops to tell you "You got your 43rd Amber Relic" so that you are caught off guard when the gameplay resumes. It's completely ridiculous that you can't turn that system off. To be clear, I don't feel this strongly about the bottles. The bottles are different because you choose to use them so it's not even comparable to gameplay stopping because you accidentally touched something. So I guess I would prefer them to keep this new real-time system but wouldn't complain if they went back to stopping gameplay to use bottles.
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Links Brother

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Jul 12, 2011
Sure it might make it more annoying. But it also makes it more hard and realistic. In real life could you pause and drink a magical potion. No.


Sep 6, 2011
Hyrule (United States)
I loved it. It was much better than stopping the game and allowing the enemy to be like "Oooh lets watch Link drink that potion."

No, I like this way better because it is so much more realistic.


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Oct 14, 2011
the only time i had trouble was against Demise, more than once i'd be drinking the potion only to have him charge at me i died
Dec 6, 2011
Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire
the only time i had trouble was against Demise, more than once i'd be drinking the potion only to have him charge at me i died

That's the only fight I didn't like using the new real time bottle use as well, during the second phase when his sword is electrified. Apart from that, I'm not that bothered about the change. And I always try to have one or two upgraded Guardian Potions cos then you don't take any damage for three minutes.

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