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Reading between the lines


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Jul 5, 2017
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Sometimes one of my friends speaks very cryptically, often like with each sentence that there is a hidden meaning that I was supposed to be figuring out. I mentioned how this can be difficult in conversation and we had a nice discussion about it, so I figure it would make an interesting thread.

Have you met someone that communicates this way? What are some examples that you have dealt with?

One that comes to mind is where someone was trying to say that what I was doing for my nutrition plan wasn’t healthy. They wouldn’t outright say it, however they would make these comments and ask me open ended questions about it until I really ask them to clarify.


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Nov 29, 2011
I have and I really don't like it because they then get angry with me for not figuring it out, like it was obvious.

Speak plainly, dammit. I tend not to talk much with people like that, too stressful.


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Jun 23, 2019
Oh, right, the topic's main point.
Yea, I know some people that communicate like that, like, all the time. The worst part is that some of them just do it to flex how cryptic and smart they think they are, to top that they can get quite annoying when people aren't reading their ****ing minds as they wanted. sigh
If you want to be comprehended and there's nothing stopping you from doing so just say it loud and clear, dammit.

Although I'm one to blame since I kinda do that sometimes, I get kinda sensitive at some moments and shut myself hoping people get some kind of signal I might be trying to send to them. It's nothing intentional, but it happens.

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