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Rate the Most Recent Anime You Watched

Not much recently. Been busy.

Blade of the Immortal - 7/10

It took me over a year to finish this one because of how bloody and sexual it is. There is someone being decapitated or raped every episode. But the story and characters are pretty solid.

Death Note - 9/10

I'm probably one of the few people who hasn't seen this one until now. Loved the first 2/3, but the last third is lackluster as Light feels significantly dumbed down.

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Death Note - 9/10

Overall a really suspenseful anime that kept me on my toes on how things would progress. It's also a really tragic story, the Death Note is a terrible thing that only brings misfortune to the people who find out about it.

Light's family falls apart between his dad dying, his sister being traumatized, and the grief his mother has to go through from all these things, plus Light's own death. All the potential romantic relationships Light could have end up with terrible dynamics because he is simply using Misa and Takeda to further his goals and doesn't really love them, and in the end they both die for him. Takeda being killed by Light himself, and with Misa it is implied she will commit suicide. All his collegues and friends get betrayed by him as well, and were always disposable to him if need be, he was completely prepared to kill his own investigation team along with N and his team.

He thought he could be God, and as a consequence he ended up being caught, and died completely alone.

So in addition to being a tragedy for the characters the show makes us like, the take away really is that "absolute power corrupts absolutely" as the saying goes.


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Jul 23, 2011
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Probably doesn't count since it's not finished yet but finished watching Part 1 of Part 6 for JoJo. I was told ahead of times many things were removed and turns out those people haven't seen the anime. There was one thing that was removed but was understandable due to if it was said in 2021, people would find that questionable. 9/10 so far.
Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale - 6/10

I did not care much for this movie. It had some good animation but a crappy plot. On a side note, it is also quite sad the voice actress for the idol passed away recently.

Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night - 8/10

This movie pleasantly surprised me. I enjoyed the return to basics and actually fleshing out characters.

Angel Cop - 8/10

Lots of great action and the ending song is fantastic. The story at the end is a bit rushed, though.

The Animatrix - 7/10

These Matrix shorts were quite dark and depressing. Lots of great animation. The story was a little too confusing at times.

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation (Second Cour) - 10/10

I love the worldbuilding and the reunions. I love that someone who made mistakes is given a second chance. The animation and music are also amazing. My anime of the year.

Mieruko-chan - 8/10

Love the humor of Miko pretending she doesn't see ghosts while actually being scared ****less.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Part 2 - 7/10

Way too much dialogue, but the last few episodes deliver on the action.
Jan 10, 2022
I believe the most recent one I watched was FLCL Alternative. I feel like I’m a bit in opposite world with the amount of people who prefer it over Progressive…it is just not good. I mean, neither seem as good as the original in the first place, but at least Progressive seemed to have somewhat to do with it than failing at being a good slice of life. Maybe it’s a bit unfair but I guess I’m comparing it to School Live, Lucky Star, and K-on, all excellent shows I watched for my first time in the weeks prior.

Next I think I’ll get Netflix to watch the new season of Jojo, but I may hold off until it’s all finished. But then there’s also this gambling anime a friend suggested, forget what it’s called but the main guy has this huge pointy nose.

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Ranking of Kings (first cour) - 10/10

Initially I had overlooked this show due to the apparent goofiness of the character designs and assumed it would just be a gag series about a bunch of weird kings trying to outdo each other. Some friends convinced me to give it a look, and boy, was I wrong. This anime is absolutely not what it appears to be at first glance.

Ranking of Kings is really about the main protagonist, Prince Bojji, attempting to grow into a king that can defend and serve the people, overcoming his deafness, inability to speak, and complete lack of physical strength, as well as the endless onslaught of naysayers. The way this series handles disabilities and strength of character was very grounded and impressive. Not to mention there's a lot of juicy conspiracy plots and drama to go around, with the added bonus of gorgeous animation and music. For as goofy as the characters look, they are all blessed with compelling narratives and entertaining behavior.

Definitely recommend this one a lot. I can't wait for the last 11 episodes.

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