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Rate the Last Game That You Played


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Nov 30, 2021
Hat in Time reminds me of a lot of 3d Mario Games actually. Most of the levels remind me of Mario 64 and Sunshine but the hub world reminds me of Mario Galaxy. It actually reminds me the most of Mario Odyssey but it released 3 weeks before Odyssey so there was no way for either game to really get inspired by each other.
Kirby's Adventure 9/10

This might be my new second favorite NES game of all time, behind only SMB3. I love the level design with all the colorful worlds, and I enjoyed seeing where copy abilities originated from. My main complaints are that a few of the abilities are redundant and that the final boss was a lot harder than the rest of the game.


What’s the character limit on this? Aksnfiskwjfjsk
StarFox Assault
StarFox has always been that series that never quite came close to its potential to me. I played the original, didn’t care for it at all. I finished 64, thought it was alright but I didn’t care to replay it or try for the good ending. Command is probably my favorite of the ones I’ve played but even it didn’t grab my attention. I’ve heard good things about Assault in the past so I thought that I might at least give it a try and its... ok.

The biggest issue is that half the time its not a StarFox game, its a 3rd person shooter with the occasional arwing or landmaster being dropped on your head for you to use in levels that clearly weren’t designed with them in mind. Every single one of these levels is bad, without exception. They’re all the same damn thing. “Navigate this clunky world and shoot 10 enemy spawners to beat the level.” With one or two swapping the enemy spawners for something else. They wouldn’t even be so bad if they didn’t use tank controls, but those alone ruin any sort of enjoyment I got out of these levels. Tank controls only work when you want a game to have some sort of tension in its atmosphere, like in Metroid Prime or old RE, and even then they’re less than ideal. Here they’re just awful.

Then there are the on-wing segments, where fox jumps on the wing of one of his allies’ ships and shoots things as said ally slowly flies around and doesnt even attempt to actually attack or dodge enemies. These are even worse than the ground segments. They take ages to complete and all you do is shoot things before they hit you. It takes any skill out of dodging or dogfighting like you’d want in a StarFox game and replace them with a stupid turret section. There are only 2, but 2 were enough to to put a bad taste in my mouth. The Corneria one in particular is simply awful, even if its not particularly difficult.

There are 10 levels in the game. Exactly 4 of them predominantly use the arwing (some of the ground missions allowed you to occasionally fly one to shoot some flying enemies in maps that were way too small or made you fight bosses with them). 4. That means that only ~2/5 of this StarFox game is spent being a StarFox game. Wasn’t this one of the biggest issue’s people had with Adventures? I mean sure, 64 had the Landmaster levels and that one submarine level, but not only they were few and far between, but they also played incredibly similar to the arwing levels. Keep in mind that not even all of the arwing levels are winners, the final one in particular is filled with traps and enemies whose attacks are nearly unavoidable.

The voice acting is good, but some of the decisions they made in the direction was weird. The voices in 64 were already great, iconic even, so replacing every single actor is definitely a weird choice. In most cases it works out fine, but I couldn’t get over how different Slippy, Andrew, Pigma, and especially Leon sounded.

Assault isn’t the worst game I’ve ever played, but it’s probably the worst StarFox game, at least out of the ones that I’ve actually finished. The arwing levels are (mostly) really good, the best in the series even, but the sheer amount of simply awful ground segments makes me not able to recommend this to anyone. Soundtrack is amazing though. 5/10
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Jul 7, 2021
Twilight Realm
Hollow Knight 9/10

A game I got from my brother for my birthday, at first I wasn’t too impressed

It was to me at first a pretty boring Metroidvania. The areas didn’t wow me and I found it to be tedious and frustrating. It didn’t interest me, didn’t feel very special

However, I kept playing it, and when I got to City of Tears, an area that I just loved, that’s when I started to like the game so much

The lore is generally really interesting in some parts, especially the Abyss and the Pale King. There’s a good amount of likable characters. I had a soft spot for Stag, and I loved Zote, and characters like Cloth Cornifer and Quirrel are really likable too. The dream spirits, despite their little characters, they’re pretty endearing and you can really feel for some of them

I love exploring, going through areas, finding new things or breakable walls, areas, it’s just so much fun exploring these great environments. It’s so well designed and it’s got great worldbuilding

I also like the gameplay mechanics like charms and spells. I also really like the mechanic of soul and having to attack to gain more to your meter to heal. The game overall is hard or really hard (for me) but fair, and rewarding getting through the tough parts.

My main complaint is how it gets really tedious and annoying with stuff like backtracking or the annoying boss that you have to deal with, or getting your shade back when you have no rancid eggs to give Jiji to.

But overall I loved this game. It’s a very well designed, atmospheric, and wonderful game, one that I might want to play again for a second time

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