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Rate the Last Game That You Played


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May 20, 2012
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Rooty Tooty Cowboy Shooty 2 - 9/10. Incredibly engrossing, only marred by incredibly obtuse hunting mechanics and the worst mission objective system I've ever seen.

Oh also Online is rancid garbage but that's par for the course for Rockstar.
Future Grind- 7/10

Despite me giving it a 7 this is a pretty good game. It is very unique and well worth a play, it can be brain melting at times but is always very fun and squeezes a lot out of its concept.

The only things bogging it down are a lack of gameplay modes and I think they could have pushed further with the character design and backgrounds, I can't help but feel like I'm playing a mobile game.

I got this game for 15p though so I'm very happy.


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Apr 7, 2019
Finishing up Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Game is a 7.5, almost an 8. I'd call it underrated. Oh dang does it has issues, (*cough* combat *cough* ) but some parts deliver spectacularily.
Giga Wrecker Alt - 5/10

I wanted to play this because ot was GameFreak doing something different.

While the game is quite charming and has a setting and style that appeals to me, the gameplay has nasty input lag and the load times are pretty long for the assets that the game needs to load.

You will find yourself reseting puzzles quite often because of the momentum based nature of the game but reseting them takes too long and ends up making difficult sections more of a chore.

Other than that it has some nice and refreshing gimmicks.
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Jul 6, 2011
A Plague Tale: Innocence 8.5/10
Very good story driven game. They actually get child protagonists right for once in this one as you play as a teen girl protecting her 5 year old brother as you take on the inquisition and lots of man eating rats!

Music is very good, and the composer is to be saluted. Graphics are pretty decent, no problems there.

It is similar to The Last of Us in the sense that the focus is more on the story than the stealth based gameplay, which is rather simple. It could have been more fluid and fun in that department. That's my only criticism about this title.

Definitely was worth my time and money.


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May 4, 2012
American Wasteland
so I beat shovel knight after getting it from a sale some time back, and while its really good, I think its safe to say at this point that I'm just not an indie game person, never felt the need to go back and replay any of the indie games I have [shantae maybe], and I feel the same for shovel knight, glad I got it at the sale price

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Aug 22, 2018
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Megaman X5


  • You get to play as Zero (like in X4) and change between the him, X, and various armor suits before every stage.
  • aesthetically great.
  • climactic (would be) conclusion to the series.

  • confusing progression system.
  • exploration is somewhat uncomfortable and risky.
  • Alia.

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Feb 8, 2011
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Trails of Cold Steel II: Relentless Edition - 10/10

Very few companies can make 100+ hours games like Falcom and still make replays enjoyable. Despite there being a ton of obscure missables and some busywork to get some of the best quartz (using a walkthrough helps), the hard work pays off in the end when your party finally culminates into the ultimate unstoppable force. Focusing evasion gear onto a specific tank will make nearly every physical attack miss them, and properly constructing a strength build can potentially one-shot superbosses. There are even ways to ensure that enemies never get a turn by infinitely delaying them so that your units can get into place for the finishing blow. Of course, for this type of game it could take some time to reach that point, but the sheer amount of content is more than enough to make the payoff worthwhile. And besides, doing everything thoroughly the first time negates the Nightmare run into a breezy daydream.

Speaking of awesome builds, Dishonored's up next.

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I don't think MMORPGs would count, so I'll have to choose something else.

I suppose the last game I completed was Fe: 7/10
Saint's Row IV - 8/10

This game probably isn't an 8/10 but i have a lot of fun with it just collecting super powers and collectibles.
It's the only Saints Row game I've played so if it jumped the shark I have no reference for how high it jumped


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Saint's Row IV - 8/10

This game probably isn't an 8/10 but i have a lot of fun with it just collecting super powers and collectibles.
It's the only Saints Row game I've played so if it jumped the shark I have no reference for how high it jumped
I would probably associate the series "jumping the shark" with Saints Row: The Third. IV mostly just kept up the trend so I can't really blame it. As you know, I fall into that category of SR fans that was not happy about the change in series tone (not that the second game was immune to moments akin to the tone of later games, but it still kept with the more serious nature of the first game). This does not necessarily make the later games bad, just different in their approaches; and as far as the changes go, I understand why they were made as I think they helped Saints Row stand out more. A part of the reason I liked the idea of Agents of Mayhem is because it is (kind of/sort of) its own thing. In any case, I think your rating is very, very fair at an 8; even if I myself haven't been keen about the direction of the SR games as a whole.

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