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Rate the Avatar!


Gwoh hoh hoh!
I would rate 8.5/10. It is original, funny, and is completely unrelated to your username. Oh well, I gues that last bit is more of a bad point. However, I just like it when people make funny pics like that. I also hate it when the bright yellow "Auto-saved" thing pops up every 10 seconds.

Edit: My pic will probably get bashed because of unoriginality. What do you expect, it's a photo of me :)


What's Life Without Adult Humor?
Jan 13, 2012
@Akuhime-sama: 7/10. It looks like its been done in Paint in 10 minutes or so. Well ok, that's the style... But it still looks weird. And VERY creepy.
Haha, I just found it online and liked it, and wanted to use it xD

Anyway... 7/10. I like the mask, but the white background behind it kinda bites. (but that's just my opinion)
Too bad you don't have a .png with transparency.

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