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A Link Between Worlds Rank The Seven Sages from Least Fav to Fav


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Jan 31, 2010
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Yes we have a fav sages topic but now I like to know who your least fav sage is. So rank them down from least fav till fav. And if possible explain why ;)

Okay here is my list:
1. Impa - yes she is special and she watches over Zelda but I found her a bit grumpy towards the soldiers.
2. Osfala - Arrogant and even after you saved him he still can't believe you are the hero. Even though he accepts his faith he rather wanted to be the hero. But yet he is a bit funny. The way he got trapped you feel sorry for him.
3. Seres - She is the daughter of the priest but we don't know much about her. She seems to be a bit boring at least to me :P
4. Rosso - He is friendly and very cooperative and he even gives you a present when you remove the stones around his house.
5. Ores - The poor thing! All bloating and swollen. When she heals she is so different :P
6. Gully - Now my papa can't call you lazy anymore. Awesome line!
7. Irene - What is not to like about her? Her comments when you use her broom often are hilarious.


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Mar 20, 2012
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1.) Irene - She is shorter than me and more sassy than me, so I give her mad props :yes:
2.) Impa - Old lady swag, that and I've always loved her
3.) Osfala - He looks like Owlan from SS, and I think he looks kawaii af
Errybody else.) Not as important or awesome

Try again, Nintendo.


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Feb 9, 2010
1. Gulley - Cause he's so awesome, and yes I am a straight male, but he's freaking adorable
2. Irene - Because... well... warping is kinda nice
3. Osfala - Well he's got the coolest name ever, and the coolest clothes, and hair
4. Rosso - Cause he's a boss
5. Impa - Well, she's just kinda in all the games, and she's not annoying
6. Seres - She's alright I guess
7. Oren - Oh. My. Gosh. Shut up.
Jan 1, 2014
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Top favourite: Irene. She's so funny and cute, and I like the way she warms up to Link over time. (And useful. Or at least her broom is.)
2nd: Osfala. I find his arrogance hilarious, and I like his character design.
3rd-7th: Everyone else


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Nov 24, 2012
7-Oren. I found it hard to connect with this character, and even had no idea she was even a sage until I saw her picture up in that ring. Her absence wasn't realized and, meh. She didn't do it for me.

6-Impa. She felt glanced over and forced into the game. I mean, they made the guards stop you and you had to wait in a room for a little bit because she needed to appear in the story.

5-Rosso. Nothing against Rosso, he just didn't really make an impression on me.

4-Seres. She was a rather basic character, but because she was the first sage to be kidnapped they put a lot of emphasis on her kidnapping, and truly made it great. Seeing her become a painting made me really nervous for her.

3-Osfala. Loved his character design, and one of the most definite personalities. Knowing he was in danger made me really want to rush to his aid (that is, until I met him at the Eastern Palace).

2-Gulley. The first character of the game and the youngest, I thought it was so cool with his involvement in the game. The moment his mother was looking for him, I knew something was wrong and began to panic.

1-Irene. Shocker, Irene is at the top of my list. But, seriously though, she was an incredible character. Not only do I enjoy her introduction, she was useful. Not to mention, when I called her and her broom appeared...unmanned! Freaked the crap out of me, and at that moment I knew all the sages were kidnapped and I was screwed.

In the end, I think my favorite aspects of these sages is how the world seems different when they go missing. Those who have little to no effect don't excite me as much as others. If I don't realize you're missing, you clearly aren't important to me.

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1) Irene. I like young spitfire witches in general, and her snappy comments got a good chuckle out of me.
2) Osfala. I like that he was proactive and sought to take on Yuga by himself, even though he was hilariously outmatched. Also I like that he struggled to come to terms with his role fate had dealt him.

And the fact that I don't remember off the top of my head who the other 4 Sages were (Impa's always a Sage, no surprise there) shows just how little of an impact they left on me.


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7: Seres. Yes we saw her kidnapping and a big deal was made, but other than that she was pretty boring.

6: Rosso. He's cool, but didn't get enough screen time.

5: Oren. Anyone else find it odd that she needs that rock in her pool? Realistically thinking, was it just something that could cleanse water and the guy who took it dumped his trash in it or something?

4: Impa. She was much cooler in other games(SS!)

3: Osfala. I like how he apologizes at the end for not believing in Link.

2: Gulley. The fact that he was a sage blew my mind. Never saw it coming, even though his mom was looking for him and he was shown in the ring of paintings in that one part. I thought: "Oh, there's a kokiri sage like in WW..." Also thought there would be a goron sage, who turned out to be Rosso.

1: Irene. Honestly, who doesn't like her? When her broom showed up without her, I was like: okay, wtf happened? Also the part with her in the end credits is cute, learning how to mix potions from her grandma and blows something up xD

43ForceGems said:
1. Gulley - Cause he's so awesome, and yes I am a straight male, but he's freaking adorable
He's also a kid...so "adorable" is acceptable, as long as...I won't go there.
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Dec 31, 2011
New York
1. Seres- Didn't get enough time to develop

2. Oren- Would've been a much more interesting character had she not gotten back to her normal form

3. Rosso- Didn't get enough time to develop, but still seemed like a character who didn't need that time and was only there for an item

4. Impa- Meh

5. Gulley- Made me disappointed because he doesn't give you an ocarina

6. Osfala- I liked Osfala because I knew his hubris would get the best of him

7. Irene- I just love Irene. I wish Irene was the companion for evergame. <3


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Nov 10, 2011
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7. Osfala. Didn't like him he was cocky and he looked like a chick and he thought he was hot ****. I'm the hero here.

6. Impa. Simple mean old lady. I liked how all of the soldiers listened to her like their master but other than that not very impressed. (in all fairness though she is the one that has to keep everything at the castle in line so she's so serious)

5. Oren. She was aight. Seemed like a pretty cool queen zora but nothing about her wowed me. I got a sassy vibe from her but in a bad way. Don't know why.

4. Seres. Seemed like the cute innocent Priests daughter that everyone likes. Not much was shown about her character though.

3. Rosso. Seemed nice enough and pretty cool and funny but again not much character development

2. Irene. Sassy, funny, helps you out, cool cat

1. Gulley. He's adorable and innocent and bouncy and funny. and you have a personal connection with him/his parents
Mar 22, 2014
Least favourite: all of them, except...

Favourite: Irene, the only character in this game to have a memorable personality.

You say "memorable personality" which does not suggest much. Obviously with the word 'memorable' being used, this is in the land of subjectivity, but this is also hard-nailed into the ground of subjectivity when you say "memorable personality". What entails a memorable personality, exactly? How do you define that, what are its limits, and so on?

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