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Smash Bros Rank the DLC Fighter Reveals

Threads relating to the Super Smash Bros series.


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
An obvious topic for this. We got 11 characters from amongst both fighters passes, so this thread is about ranking them by how much their initial reveals resonated w/ you.

Here's how I see them:

1. Sephiroth
2. Sora
3. Joker
4. Kazuya
5. Pyra/Mythra
6. Hero
7. Terry
8. Banjo
9. Min Min
10. Byleth
11. Steve

The top 4 are far and away my favorites for being unexpected or in Sora's case, a character I was rooting for. And from there, it goes in order from characters I was glad to see to ones that really didn't do much for me....and then there's Steve.
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I'm just gonna rate them by their trailers.

1. Hero
2. Sephiroth
3. Sora
4. Banjo (memes)
5. Kazuya
6. Min Min (would be rated higher if ARMS tease didn't happen before trailer drop)
7. Joker (would be rated higher if not cringe voice acting)
8. Terry
9. Steve
10. Pyra/Mythra (would be rated higher if not cringe voice acting)
11. Byleth (would be rated higher if not cringe voice acting and FE Fates tier repurposed game cutscene)

Like I said in the SB, Byleth is the only character from a game I played, although if you count me playing ARMS for an hour from the game trials, I guess Min Min as well, but I didn't play as her.


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Feb 8, 2011
1. Pyra/Mythra
2. Sora
3. Sephiroth
4. Banjo
5. Min Min
6. Joker
7. Kazuya
8. Terry
9. Hero
10. Byleth
11. Steve
12. Piranha Plant


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Personal list (How I personally feel about characters):
1. Terry
2. Sephiroth
3. Kazuya
4. Pyra/Mythra
5. Byleth
6. Sora
7. Hero
8. Banjo & Kazooie
9. Steve
10. Joker
11. Min Min

Critical list (Which characters had the most impact for Ultimate regardless of my feelings):
1. Sora
2. Steve
3. Sephiroth
4. Joker
5. Terry
6. Banjo & Kazooie
7. Hero
8. Kazuya
9. Min Min
10. Pyra/Mythra
11. Byleth

Personally speaking, I feel none of these 11 characters are "bad" and all were either eventually going to be chosen (that's the case of the 1st party characters because of course Nintendo wants to promote their own games) or chosen because they knew it would generate interest across the gaming industry. So even if you see your favorite DLC character ranked low in my lists, these are still very good picks at the end of the day and it's great to see them in Ultimate.


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Sep 29, 2020
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I haven't seen them all but of the few I have seen, Sephiroth's is probably the most epic. I really wanted to be a Final Fantasy fan and been able to see it live because even with my limited knowledge, hearing One-Winged Angel start was freaking hype, can't imagine going into it blindly and having it be familiar to me.

Favorite character is obviously Steve but of the 4 I've seen (Steve, Sephiroth, Kayuza and Sora), Steve's is probably the most lackluster reveal.

So of the 4 I've seen, purely on how cool the reveal was:
Kayuza (Freaking VOLCANO, plus Kirby at the end was :100: )

I'll probably watch them all eventually and revisit this thread.

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