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General Zelda Rank the 3D Zeldas from Hardest to Easiest

May 11, 2011
Are you referring to simply completing the games or 100%ing them? For simple completion's sake, I'd rank The Wind Walker as the easiest, but it's by far the hardest to 100% with the figurine quest.

My ranking is based on simply completing the games from hardest to easiest:

Majora's Mask
Skyward Sword
Twilight Princess
Ocarina of Time
The Wind Waker

Yeah I meant just simply beating them. And I agree with your list


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Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
This is based on what I remember of my first time playing through these games:


  1. Majora's Mask

    This game had new mechanics to learn which made the game a challenge from the beginning. The puzzles in this game are also well executed, especially in Ikana Castle and Stone Tower Temple.

  2. Ocarina Of Time

    I was young when I played this game and remember having quite a bit of difficulty when it came to some of the puzzles, especially in the Forest Temple and Ganon's Castle.

  3. Twilight Princess

    There was only one part of this game when I became 'stuck' my first time playing it but the puzzles in this game, though few, were pretty challenging for me at the time.

  4. Skyward Sword

    This game almost made number five. I breezed through this game and only found Ghirahim, Fun Fun Island, The boss rush and that harp game in the Lumpy Pumpkin to be of any significant challenge.

  5. The Wind Waker

    This game never posed any challenge to me my first time playing it. It feels really relaxed in comparison to the other 3D titles and I don't remember any of the puzzles being a challenge.


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Jan 31, 2010
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I haven't played MM so I'm leaving that one out.

Easiest to hardest:
Twilight Princess (I can play that game blindfolded and still beat it without getting much damage).
Wind Waker.
Skyward Sword.
Ocarina of Time.


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Nov 4, 2013
Well, I'd have to base it on my first playtroughs, since I can finish games like OoT for example with my eyes closed these days. But that's not really fair too, since I've played OoT when I was like 7-8 years old for the first time, and SS when I was 22-23. So, it's much easier offcourse when you're older. But, if I'd rate these games as if I've all played them for the first time last year it would be this:

1. Twilight Princess (Lakebed and City in the Sky is 'nuff said)
2. Ocarina of Time (Water and Forest temple)
3. Majora's Mask (all temples are confusing, but Stone Tower tops them all)
4. Skyward Sword
5. Windwaker


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Jun 18, 2011
I'm not done playing through all the games yet, but the way I'd rank them currently, I will agree that Wind Waker is the easiest, since I am currently playing through it (and have only played it partly once before) and haven't really encountered that much challenge (not that I dislike that, I like having a game I can be all confident about, and it still manages to be a lot of fun regardless).

I know Occarina of Time in and out, so although it does have some challenges that was harder first time around, it just has to take the spot of second easiest title.

Twilight Princess have some challenges, which were annoying, especially when playing the wii version (the carriage escort mission, for instance, or the bridge-top jousting). But some of the challenge go away when playing the Gamecube version, so it takes the middle spot for me.

Skyward Sword comes next, mainly because of the motion plus controls. It took me forever to get past the first Girahim encounter because Link just wouldn't move the way I was trying to. Had the game been released with a button-alternative, I'm sure I would feel differently.

Majora's Mask takes the top spot in most difficult for me because it's the game that completely stomped me. With the other games I haven't completed, it's because I took a break. Here it's because I got stuck and just couldn't figure out what to do next. I hope to rectify that when the 3DS version comes out, but until then I consider it the most difficult out of the 3D titles.
Oct 14, 2013
For me I'd rate them this way hardest to easiest.

1. Majora's Mask (Most of the mini games in this were fiendishly hard, as was the mask fight if doing it as young link.)
2. Twilight Princess
3. Skyward Sword
4. Wind Waker (The puzzles were short but for me the bosses posed some decent challenge.
5. Ocarina Of Time Master Quest. (Only finished that once but I need to re-do it one day.)
6. Ocarina of Time (The dungeon puzzles were very well done here but I didn't find the game hard at all, apart from boss of the dungeon inside that fish's gut).

I have not done the SS Hero Mode and I've not played WWHD.


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Jan 16, 2013
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All criticisms are based on the games's comparisons against the other Zelda titles. They're all great games.

1. Ocarina of Time- A lot of the puzzles in this game challenged me more than I thought they would the first couple times through. I always get lost in the Forest Temple, the monsters in Jabu Jabu's Belly are horrendous, and some of the Ice and Wind puzzles are very irratating. And all of that pales before the Water Temple. Beating this makes you a gaming man in my opinion.
2. MM- them bosses. Those stupid fairies that are too hard to find. Those accursed save points and clock-resets and frickin mask quests. Still, not as hard as its predecessor overall.
3. TP- A few of the puzzles got hard. A few of the mini-games were irratatingly hard. I'm looking at you stupid marble game! The Ice dungeon can be unforgiving to those not sure of how to confront the monsters within. The Cave of Ordeals will give you a run for your money. It's also really hard if you go for all 60 poes.
4. SS- The motion controls are blast I'll say. Still, the game feels really easy with puzzles that aren't very hard except for a couple, like the Bhudda statue in the Cistern, that I didn't see right away. Enemies telegraph their movements like nothing you've ever seen and the whole game has a Wii party game feel in the background.
5. Sorry WW, you lose. You're enemies , except for those stupid fire centipedes, give little trouble to an experienced gamer. Your puzzles don't give much trouble, bar that stupid ghost ship. Hookshot points are easy to see. Charts lead to pretty easy to find treasure. The biggest challenge is overcoming the boredom of long sailing and tedious wind-direction changing. All hail the Swift Sail!


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May 11, 2014
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From easiest to hardest.

1. The Wind Waker - very easy combat ; very easy puzzles
2. Skyward Sword - moderately easy combat and puzzles
3. Twilight Princess - easy combat ; challenging puzzles
4. Ocarina of Time - puzzles like TP's, but combat is harder
5. Majora's Mask - steep learning curve, and some spikes
Sep 21, 2014
Hardest to easiest:

1- Ocarina of Time: It was my first Zelda game, so i knew none of the conventions of the series. A few bosses killed or nearly killed me (for some strange reason I had particular trouble with Twinrova of all people). Dark Link got me once or twice too. Maybe more, I don't remember. I just remember it being challenging and really fun. I can't remember, but I think I died about 8 times in total. Dungeons also took a good deal of thinking to complete.

2- Majora's Mask: With one 3D Zelda title behind me my technical skills were already strong coming into the game. No deaths on my game. But I feel many of the dungeons were done in a much less linear fashion, more sprawling and lots more wandering. Finding fairies was tough as well. Great Bay and Stone Tower were truly great dungeons. Bosses were… not particularly hard I guess. Except for Goht, bosses honestly aren't MM's strong point.

3- Twilight Princess/Wind Waker: Can't decide between the two which was easier. Twilight Princess had a big world to wander and some of its dungeons were tough(ish), but it was chock full of piss-easy boss fights and enemies whose damage is just too small to be intimidating. Meanwhile, I don't remember any of Wind Waker's dungeons being anything too terrible to figure out, but at least all its bosses managed to land a hit on me. Additionally, much more of its content like side quests and the dungeon in-betweens actually required you to sleuth around and figure things out by interacting with people and locations.

4- Skyward Sword: Uhhg… where do I even start? Oh right, dousing. There's nothing worse than being led by the hand through a game. Half of the way through I said (expletive) it and just refused to use the feature at all. The well designed and actually quite enjoyable bosses were marred by an almost insulting number of hearts strewn about their chambers. And while I have to say all the dungeons were very well designed with regard to their aesthetic, only about half of them were any sort of real challenge.

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Aug 27, 2011
Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess Gamecube, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess Wii, and Wind Waker HD.

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