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Spoiler Random theories


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Apr 7, 2019
Since the deku sticks do full master sword damage in OoT, its clear.

The Deku stick is the real master sword, and the one sleeping in the Temple of Time is just a decoy.

Its the literal key to the Sacred Realm, but its not the actual blade that seals the evil. The ¨blade that seals the evil' is a rare plant that only grows in kokiri forest.

In Wind Waker, to ensure that ganon wouldn't hunt them down, one lone Deku stick was nurtured in Hyrule castle at the bottom of the great sea, disguised as the master sword since Ganon had at that time figured it all out and would spend his time in the great sea tracking down and destroying deku sticks since there are none left at the great sea.

The 'master sword' lies in the forest in ALTTP and BotW so that is pretty self-explanatory.

In TP, the 'sword' is still only the key and there are no deku sticks, but in order to gain power, the Interlopers transfered the power of the deku sticks to link's fishing rod with dark magic, again to trick ganondorf and that's why he gets distracted by it in the final fight, because he was so frustrated that neither the 'master sword' nor the deku sticks turned out to have the power that seals the evil so he just gets awestruck when he sees the fishing rod
Sep 7, 2019
Back when SS showed the first big trailer, a handful of us foolishly theorized Ghirahim was Vaati. Good times... :shrugs:
Nov 14, 2015
Not so much a theory but more of a head canon. The other two “heroes” in Tri Force Heroes are from Holodrum and Labrynna.


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Mar 18, 2019
Since there are no cuccos in skyward sword, cuccos evolved from loftwings :cucco:
Actually, that might actually explain the lack of oocoo in SS, despite them living in the sky in TP and being said to have helped create hyrule..... oocoo evolving from loft wings make a lot of sense...

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