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Spoiler Random theories

Mar 18, 2019
This thread is for really dumb theories you’ve come up with or ones that don’t really deserve their own thread. I was told this thread didn’t exist already so here it is.

My random theory:

Happy mask salesman teaches you the song of healing

Saria teaches you sarias song

Sarias song = song of healing backwards

Happy mask salesman = terminian saria

Twilight Shadows

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Oct 30, 2018
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Those aren't theories, they're facts. Well, except for the last one. Lol.

The gorons lost their pride, and now hide in shame in the Wind Waker.


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Ganondorf was working with Ingo to buy into a drug ring involving the Milk from Lon Lon Ranch.
I still think this is goddamn truth, we've even seen evidence of a fermented milk alchohol in Japan, we also know the Water Supply was coming through Zora's Domain (polite way of saying King Zora's Ballsack) so clearly Ganondorf was just trying to break hyrules dependance on the extortionate Zora Monoply, look at Kakariko they used a well that was a torture pit for their water, and yet the Domain is supposedly hyrules water source.

On a side note in terms of Random Theory, i'm starting to think the Kokiri are manisfestions of the fairies we see bobbing about them, the only reason link doesn't have a fairy is because he's not a forest spirit.

The only reason people turn into Stalfos or Skull children is because the Kokiri are killing them and eating their flesh "more leg link?"

The gorons should never have had a problem with Dodongo's cavern they live ona mountain of rock, just tunnel frigging down, there's clearly enough explosives lying around, or eat the the rock since you love it so much.


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Jul 6, 2011

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