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Feb 24, 2024

Here is a sheet that I created, which responds to the question: "what would I have I were thrown into the totk/botw universe?"
Hopefully, my random generator is here to help! I thougt you might like it :) feel free to share what you got, or reply with a screenshot!

Disclaimer: this sheet was created for recreationnal use only, I do not intend to offend big N copyrights, licences or even ZD contributors

#zelda #totk #botw #issekai #fantasy #random

Link of the drive sheet

(excel version is also available though do not know how to insert :( )


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That seems like a very interesting project, although I'm not sure how to navigate it?

I know there are some written in the file, but
Could you provide, like, a bit more of detailed instructions lol

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