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Twilight Princess Random Fact :Barns Bombs:


WASABI! (" L,")
Jul 31, 2011
ok this is kinda a random thread, but. i was wondering why barns bombs is open 24/7. i mean its just a bomb shop. and all other shops (almost all) are closed at night. well i figure it out. there is a ledge above barnes shop that is only accessible through his shop. at night there are two Poes on that ledge. so if barns shop closed at night , those two Poes would then be impossible to get. ha yea its kinda random. but its a fun tidbit so i thought id say it. :) :D ^^:xd:


New Hyrule's Engineer
Jul 28, 2011
Porto Alegre, Brazil.
I ran out of water bombs at the lakebed temple. The creators probably noticed that it is really annoying to run out of bombs, so they made the shop open day and night.

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