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Game Thread Rag's CHAOS MAFIA √−i by Ragnarokio (NOT BY STORM) [GAME THREAD]


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Sep 10, 2011
well. since there will probably be like 45 bullets on me tonight since I think literally everyone targeted me last night, and will try again tonight. woo hoo
Dec 13, 2019
ok so there's still at least one more mafia right
At least. In a standard KP game I'd expect a two person start to an expanding Mafia. With the high KP of this game it wouldn't surprise me for there to be more, especially with mass revival added in. So I'd say minimum we are looking for four (total) but probably be looking for like five scum if they got two successful conversions.

@DawningWinds is your KoD information rooted in his modkill? Because KoD isn't the type to get himself intentionally mod killed so I don't see a world where he just straight up chose to lie and die rather than misunderstanding unless his role demanded it, but if that's the case he more likely started 3p and would have pulled the trigger day 1. Also I notice a distinct lack of considering Caps in your post flip spew.

Let's talk tinfoils then. Let's say KoD was OG mafs. Let's say someone else was turned N1. I submit DW. The push here could be TMI from maf culted DW that would then know that KoD was OG in maf chat, and would know from experience that maf culted don't flip maf cult on death. Further is the lack of a Caps mentioned in the remaining Mafia roundup. Caps easily could have been the N2 cult and given how quickly he jumped off CL at day start his behavior wouldn't exactly contradict that, as cult!Caps can't simply dump his CL push. Both can then push CL today in the finale because even in death a cult!DW can medium the leader to probably recruit more to their side, which plays in to DW down playing the motivation of our cult doc.

And that, people, is how you properly make a captains hat out of your tinfoil.
Sep 6, 2017
regardless of whether KoD was culted or not I think the priority here needs to be finding CL’s partner(s). Assuming he had one when the gamestate was at 5, top of that list for me is Storm given the way he’s been acting this game, and I don’t think being infinite bulletproof like he claims a) makes him unlynchable and b) is necessarily true. Storm could still be 3P as well even if he is telling the truth
Though, Neon is still definitely possible i think bc i think they were mostly just voting CL for self pres? Idk if they really pushed hard against CL, I want to double check Neon’s thoughts on CL throughout the game and will probably figure out which one i want to vote tomorrow.

i will be out most of the day, as i’ve got plans that I’m going ahead with despite the rain.
Sep 6, 2017
Actually hold on. did CL have a non-culted partner when the game was at 5 alive? idk if there’s any way to figure that out
Sep 6, 2017
gth I believe KoD was scum from the beginning partially bc of my read from d1, partially bc of what dawning said

i think one of storm/neon must be mafia, either culted or OG, otherwise game ends at f5. Potentially both, if culted mafs do flip maf, otherwise something is very very ****y


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At least. In a standard KP game I'd expect a two person start to an expanding Mafia.
I have the feeling cult he might've been able to act both Day and Night or that he was some sort of double agent rather than a mafia-cultifier

in both cases it'd be expected for us to have somewhere in between 3-5 total mafia (3 in double agent or Night only, and 5 if Night+Day)

@Morbid Minish is your action night only?


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May 31, 2022
Actually hold on. did CL have a non-culted partner when the game was at 5 alive? idk if there’s any way to figure that out
well i've ruled out certain scum team combinations based on f5 but we cant directly find out how many mafia.

are you sure it can't be exlight? I've genuinely felt like he has teammate equity with lunch and when I listed the possibility of KoD town and the team being Lunch Storm Ex looking at the Neon wagon which was the CW to Lunch it has exactly Exlight and Storm on it which somewhat increases the likeliness of that being a thing but the cult stuff is just weird from exlight if mafia. I guess you would say no because you think KoD scum from start so aren't in a KoD town world but still, I feel like this should be noted.

also i feel like Storm might be bullshitting about being immortal and he just never got targeted

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