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Game Thread Rag's CHAOS MAFIA √−i by Ragnarokio (NOT BY STORM) [GAME THREAD]

Sep 27, 2021
it's actually kinda problematic how obvious town I am for how little I've actually had time to read and contribute
Yeah ok, sounds like maybe you turned him in to get the bonus vote.
Nope he included the host in the illegal chat though so which makes me relatively sure he thought it was something he was allowed to do.

Yeah that's right.
I'm assuming it's because of the post edit
Huh I assumed all post edits were always illegal here? But okay.

I do agree that Fext is a weird choice for a vote at this point given he can neither be culted nor likely have a fake flip since my understanding is that both of those things are night actions meaning he is almost definitely town.

as far as i can tell, he hasnt rectified it, so he should be getting strike two soon?
That'd still only be 2/3 though? Since it seems like you can only get one between each time you're told you have a strike.

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