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Game Thread Rag's CHAOS MAFIA √−i by Ragnarokio (NOT BY STORM) [GAME THREAD]

Morbid Minish

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him voting you randomly without fearing backlash seems very town storm to me

He literally said he wasn't going to do anything else because he was worried about being the scapegoat though. And no one is pushing him on his bull**** vote for me, nor the fact that he's done nothing else. Which seems kinda sus.

He did say it again today, at this point it doesnt feel like a joke

He's not joking, but there is no actual basis for his vote. How can he meta read me off of 3 posts, one of which asked Ex what he was thinking with his hmmm reaction to me, and one of which was just me replying Ex when Libk asked for us to say who we loved most out of the player list?

What are your opinions on Caps, Numbers, and Neon

Caps I have no ****ing clue on anymore. I town read him d1, but he's gone down a lot this day. The way he's went about role stuff seems more towny I guess, but he's not made great pushes or points to go along with that imo.

Numbers feels like he did last game. In which he was scum, so that's not a good look. I usually tend to kinda mindmeld with him if we're both town and that's not happening this game. I feel like he's calling out stuff as scummy, but then turning around and doing scummy stuff he would call others out for and acting high and mighty when people call it out.

Neon is hard for me to read in general. But going back and looking at the voting from eod and her saying she would like a competing wagon but not moving her vote looks off. And wagonomics would suggest one of her or Alana as possible scum. Plus her vote on me outta nowhere/with no explanation looks not great.

So tbh, I could see any of them being scum. Which is ****ty because my reads have basically done a 180 from d1. Not on just them specifically, I mean how I was town leaning most people and now it seems like too many people are looking scummy.

Of those 3 I would say Caps is probably my weakest suspicion. Though I have had a tinfoil theory in the back of my head which makes you voting for him make him look more suspicious. But I'm trying to discount that because I have no basis for if it's true and would be impossible to confirm.
Sep 6, 2017
that's exactly why
do you really think someone who stayed all phase with a vote on a modconfirmed town
and instead of stepping back and reanalyze the situation simply doubled down on conspiracy theories
should still be here influencing the thread

plus I don't like his content and his interactions with KoD felt like scumtheater
ok you're right, but i've been doing the same thing tbh

so why are you voting me instead of him. what makes me "scummier"
Sep 6, 2017
also, what do you think about my case on lunch and do you think it's worth pushing? because frankly me switching to vote numbers helps be 0%, because then what would likely happen is numbers then voting me for self pres and boom we're back where we were at the start

i suppose he COULD vote for Lunch or Minish, but there's only a couple of hours left


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do you really have the time to be here throwing shade at him and telling him who to lynch instead of cooperating with me to verify your alignment/soft
and you really have the audacity of asking why I'm voting you instead of him?
Dec 13, 2019
ok you're right, but i've been doing the same thing tbh

so why are you voting me instead of him. what makes me "scummier"
It's probably because he's just making stuff up. Like when I asked him about the scum theater earlier and he just ignored the question entirely.

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