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Game Thread Rag's CHAOS MAFIA √−i by Ragnarokio (NOT BY STORM) [GAME THREAD]

Sep 27, 2021
Yeah I think both the septuple vig and the mas rezz should've been dialed back. I am no expert but I feel like you can't really balance around either of those those things as they were without tipping the scales too far in the other direction.
Well what this was was not a game of mafia but a game of "find the cult leader before it's too late"
Sep 6, 2017
I feel like Ex's super-rez ability was balanced by the fact that mafia had a literal cult leader lol and as long as they were alive, ex could keep rezzing as many people as he wanted, but CL would have kept converting

i definitely had fun this game, thanks to Fext for pushing me to join
Sep 6, 2017
also Rag made a good point in Deadchat Iteration D, had we KNOWN that CL was the cult leader and the one who converted Numbers and I, then it would have been more of a priority to keep him alive

but we didn't know


Jan 19, 2018
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my main goal in designing the game was to create situations that would leave people wondering what the hell was going on. Ex and Neon's roles felt particularly fun to me because the sheer scale of the roles should put the people receiving them off-kilter. Ex skipped using his resurrect the first two nights/days because he was afraid it would somehow backfire, and almost lost the game as a result.

I think the game probably ended up being roughly balanced which was a pleasant surprise. I was afraid it might end within the first day or two because i missed something obvious. Town's wincon involves finding and lynching all of the mafia, while mafia wins by protecting CL until they can get a majority. Neon provides a backup method of winning the game if CL dies, but aside from that her role is basically a trap. In a game where CL didn't die as early rezzed town flipping as mafia would have made exlight's role less powerful, since people wouldn't trust resurrected players as much. In retrospect, I would have made CL bulletproof to decrease the relatively high probability that he eventually dies to mafia NKing him via tunnels.

It plays more like a mafia game than many mafia games i've played, but certainly a lot less than most.

I just realized my role is a bit ambiguously worded

was I also lynchproof rag??

you weren't at least until storm gave you a 1-up. then you were. I probably would have made you immune to storm's ability in retrospect though, because it creates a loop that takes away one of mafia's only ways of dealing with you.
Jun 17, 2020
Typically the scum team is traitors, and you don't claim cult leader in the scum chat. I'm kinda disappointed that there wasn't a leak in the scum chat? Makes us look stupid.

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