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Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang!


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Feb 21, 2020
Ethereal Plane
Who here has fought the returning variant monsters in Monster Hunter: World so far?

I have to say I REALLY appreciate their attention to detail with the Brachy fight, I loved him in 3 Ultimate as the flagship and even moreso when Raging first appeared in 4, but his World showing truly lays the smackdown on the player with his "I'm not trapped in here with you; you're trapped in here with me!" attitude.

Plus, this iteration brings a fantastic return to form for the Lightbreak weapons after their dominating performance in other games. The furious rajang stuff isn't slouch-y either, and his fight is one of the more amped fights in MonHun history. I'm more of a Deviljho / Savage Deviljho man myself, but I respect the 'Jang whenever he appears.

Anybody putting in time on Iceborne and earning those sweet new weapons and armors?

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