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Game Thread Raccoon City Mafia (Game Thread)

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I DID eat Doc, I promise!
Jan 22, 2020
I guess the circumstantial evidence points to me, huh? And nobody else wants to examine the other claims? Well, the truth should come out tonight regardless. Gg scum, you played town pretty well, but I have confidence in them to bring it back tomorrow.

Oh god please let it not be lylo.

Vote: Poyzin

This is not a scum claim. This is me proving my own role through my lynch to let you all see the truth of the matter.

( @funnier6 This is what I mean by a good reason to lynch. There is a solid reason to lynch me, the evidence points to me, so I’m not going to be upset with dying here. In PoR and Sorcerers on the other hand...)

Everything in this post is true :/

Gg everybody
Not open for further replies.

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