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Game Thread Raccoon City Mafia (Game Thread)

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Johnny and SMS are the scummiest looking ones to me, but normally their day ones are always this way so I err on voting them. Much like how Minish's playstyle always makes me want to townread her, Johnny and SMS always make me want to scumread them.
But, in a shocking turn of events, I'm going to join SMS vote (I think his vote is still here, I don't remember).

Vote Tristan
wait what :err:


Jun 19, 2010
I don't really see the case against Tristan. He said he had a reason for voting Zachie over Soneji and that he didn't want to reveal it until the former started posting, so I'd rather see what that reason is first. He said he would clarify later, so now would be a good time, @Mellow Ezlo.
My issue here is that you didn't provide a potential counter wagon. You want a mass wagon with no other alternatives, and when you stated this earlier, EOD was over 24 hours away, plenty of time for an alternate to be discussed.
I was only stating the reasons for my suspicion of SMS, not saying that I wouldn't allow any other wagons or something. I had my own other suspicions, and I even changed my vote to you when I thought you had voted for Echo, and even stated that I was open to a wagon on you. Not to mention my exchange with funnier a few pages ago. I don't think these are the actions of someone who wants a mass wagon with no alternatives.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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Vote Count:

Exlight (1): Johnny Sooshi
funnier6 (1): Rubik
Spiritual Mask Salesman (3): funnier6, Morbid Minish, Kirino
Echolight (1): Poyzin
Zachie (1): Mellow Ezlo
Tristan (2): Spiritual Mask Salesman, Doc
Kirino (1): Soneji
Doc (1): Exlight

With 13 alive it takes 8 votes to reach majority. Day phases ends Sunday February 16 at 4 PM MST

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
Zachie is somebody who does not respond well to pressure if he's scum. Mostly I was thinking back to the first Anime mafia where he was pressured during day one for being inactive, came in and made a bunch of half-assed reads that got him NK'd by the SK. Granted I was his scumbud and the one who planted the seeds on his initial case in that game, but I wanted to see if he would have a similar reaction here.

While I'm not 100% happy with his posts, I'm not seeing the same level of panic in his posts. In Anime, his first few posts after being pressured seemed like "**** I gotta post something and fast" but I'm not really getting the same vibe here.

Anyway that's why I voted him. Because I know he responds worse to pressure when he's scum. He barely even acknowledged my vote this time aside from a shrugging emoji.


I think I like Soneji based on his first few posts. His thoughts seem pretty fair and genuine to me. I also don't really agree with Ex's vote on Doc right now, it's not really a contradiction since Doc said in that same post that SMS and Johnny always seem scummy on day 1 and that he would be withholding his vote for now for that reason.

Part of me agrees with Doc on that point actually, but SMS is seeming the best to me right now. I haven't had time to reread and probably won't before the day ends, so this is based on what I can remember from this day.
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