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Puzzle Keys


Jay SR

I liked the puzzle keys. It was different than just finding the boss key and moving on.
Putting the key in right was kind of fun, actually.


Sage of Tales
I am not going to apologize for finding them annoying.

I find them annoying. As crap. If that changes further along in the game I get, I'll let you know.

As I said, I think I find them obnoxious because of the timing of them all. I can figure them out after a minute or two or five of manipulating the puzzle piece, it's just that, for me, it's the last place I want "one more puzzle?!"

One of the things I love about Zelda is the landscape/archetchure puzzles (I like stuff like that in other games, too... Ico was almost entirely made of that). I like figuring out the switches, things to manipulate in the environment and so forth. (I think the Timestones in Lanayru, for instance, are the coolest things ever). It's just that, after so much puzzle-solving to get to the boss area, that's the point at which I'm sick of puzzles and just want to fight something big, mean and nasty.

It's that "one more puzzle?!" right before the big mean nasty thing right when I'm in the mood for a good fight.
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Dec 19, 2011
Battle Ground, WA
The one thing I actually love about Zelda is the puzzle mechanics. I don't play it for slash and kill, although of course, that is fun, too. I welcome the puzzles. I play puzzle games all the time anyway. It's good to find something new and different in an age old title.
Nov 26, 2008
I am not going to apologize for finding them annoying.
No one's asking you to apologize. If you didn't like them, then you didn't. There's nothing wrong with that. ;)

I do disagree though. I actually had little to no trouble figuring these out and they took me only a few moments. I'll agree with TheBlueReptile that it was a risky move, though. I actually would have liked that they were a little more challenging, but I think perhaps what I would have preferred is that not every dungeon had them. One of the reasons I loved the "Puzzle Keys" is because it was a change. Not just another fricken' Big Key, but something new. But every dungeon in the game had one. I'd have liked it if every dungeon had a gimmick with this.

Say... you get two items in every dungeon. One in the Map, but the other is something unique to the dungeon. In some it may be a simple Big Key. In others it could be a special Skeleton Key to open all doors (perhaps you run out of normal keys prior to that point?), you could have the Puzzle Key for some, and then you could even have other, odder things. Different ideas for different dungeons, and perhaps sometimes the special item could be not a key at all but some other kind of navigational or advancement item made especially for the dungeon, and the boss door can simply be entered as soon as it's found.

I'd just like some more variety, that's all. The Puzzle Keys were a good start, but I don't think they needed to be used throughout the entire game.

No offense but you're over-exaggerating. It takes no more than a minute to fit the key in the hole and its not even a boring minute.
You're speaking of your own experience. That doesn't necessarily apply to someone else.


they didnt bother me that much but i just dont like how you use the motion controls to control the key


Twilight Princess
May 9, 2011
Puerto Rico
They were kinda fun :P I dont mind them, but are they my favorite? No. I really didnt have a problem solving any of them.. I dont mean that to say " Im a smarter player than all you who had trouble", I honestly breezed through each one. I loved the Earth temple`s key <3 It was amazing.
Dec 22, 2011
I had a love/hate relationship with them. They were really annoying when I kept rotating them and couldn't make them work, but I felt super-accomplished when I got them.


I have no idea if someone's made a similar topic, but I didn't see it on the first page, sooo...

While I am enjoying this game very much, I have found one thing in it that I *NEVER* want to see again in a Zelda title.

The Goddessdamned puzzle-keys.

I'm talking about the little golden puzzles that you have to manipulate with the wii-mote to insert into the locks! Gaaaaah! It seems like they take me forever to get them just right, plus, at that point, I've gone through the dungeon, I've fought monsters and did all kinds of puzzles just to get there - I just want a Big Key to go fight the big monster, dangit! I don't *want* to stand there forever manipulating a puzzle.

I'm sure the people at Nintendo thought it was clever, but for me, it's un-fun.

Does anyone feel the same way I do about them?

I just started SS today.. And I already hate them. W.t.f.


I like the fact that you have to solve a puzzle to actually enter to battle the boss...


Jan 15, 2012
Mossflower Woods
I enjoyed then. Granted I wouldn't want them in all the new games or in all their dungeons, but I wouldn't mind seeing them again. Maybe as an optional minigame.

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