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Pronunciation Thread


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Here is some Aussie slang I'll read out this time (link to my voice under list).
Some Aussie Slang/Terms & their Meanings (these ones are actually used, I had to cut most of the uncommon ones off the list: source)
Ankle-biter — Small child
Arvo — Afternoon.
Aussie — An Australian
Avos — Avocados.
Bloke — Man, guy
Bludger — Lazy person, layabout.
Boot— Trunk of a car.
Bottle shop — Liquor shop.
Bush — The vast Australian countryside
Chook — Chicken.
Chuck a sickie — Call in sick when you’re actually feeling well
Digger — A soldier, originally meaning an ANZAC soldier
Dunny — The toilet, W.C., or bathroom. If someone busting to know where the dunny is, tell 'em to "follow their nose to the thunderbox".
Esky — Portable icebox or cooler - it's always a good idea to have one in the boot stocked with some cold ones just in case the party's bar runs dry.
Fair Dinkum— the real thing - as in "Fair Dinkum Aussie" (true blue Aussie original). Often used by itself as a rhetorical question to express astonishment verging on disbelief ... "Fair Dinkum, mate?" (you've got to be kidding, haven't you?)
Footy — Aussie Rules
G'day — Universal greeting, used anytime day or night, but never as a farewell.
Good Onya — Omnipresent term of approval, sometimes ironic
Grog — Liquor, beer. BYOG is "bring your own grog"
Hoon — Idiot, hooligan
Journo — Journalist.
Jumper — Sweater
King hit — A punch delivered without warning
Knocker — One who criticises
Lollies — Sweets, candies
Outback — The remotest parts of the bush
Oldies — Parents
Oz — Term for Australia
Pull Your head In — Use sparingingly, since this equates a rather annoyed "shut up & mind your own business".
Reckon — Think, as in "Your shout or mine? What' ya reckon?"
Right — Okay, as in "she'll be right, mate."
Scratchy — Instant lottery ticket
Sheila — A woman
She'll be right — No problem, don't worry, mate
Shootin' through — Leave, take off
Shout — To shout means to buy the next round (of drinks usually)
Smoko — Smoke or coffee break
Snag — A sausage
Spit The Dummy — A "dummy" is Australian for a child's pacifier. Lose your cool
Tomato sauce — Ketchup
Too right — Definitely!
True blue — Honest, straight
Uee, Uwie, Yewy — Make a U-turn in traffic
Ute — A pickup truck
Vegemite — Sandwich spread derived from vegetable yeast extract, dark brown, gooey, salty. It's what makes Aussies strong
Walkabout — Aboriginal term meaning "to go on a wander"
Whinge — Rhymes with "hinge" as in door! Means to complain incessantly
Wobbly — Disturbing, unstable behaviour, as in "to throw a wobbly."
Woopwoop — in the boonies, nowhere
Yakka — Work

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