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Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake


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Nov 17, 2011
The Makai

Is anyone excited for the recently announced remake of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time? Have you played the original? Will you be buying the remake or even preordering it for the bonuses? Is there anything from the original game you hope gets carried over or expanded upon? Or is there perhaps something you hope gets cut from the game completely?

This is a game series that I have played only three games in the series and have no real strong attachment or nostalgia to. I only half liked the first, found the second one frustrating (especially to get the canon ending which was hidden behind a secret) and sort of enjoyed the Wii port of the third. I think the remake looks interesting and I think I’d be willing to give it a chance, but don’t think I’m going to preorder it. I’m hoping that health upgrade secrets are slightly more rewarded by finding hidden or alternative paths and that the combat itself feels more fluid than it did on the Gamecube version and that a mechanic to maybe carry a certain amount of water on your person might be a thing (assuming drinking is still the healing mechanic).
I loved the original trilogy and liked each game more as the series went on.

The first one was good but I always felt like it had a certain level of clunk to it.

The second one was hard as nuts and tense as hell with the Dahaka and canon ending.

The third one was my favourite and I played it so much I could nail it in a single sitting.

I won't be preordering the remake, I doubt I'll get it any time soon to be honest, I do want to support it (if only to get the other two remade) but there are other games that are a higher priority for me, like Age of Calamity, Nier, Tales and BotW2 when they release.

I will one day buy it and play it though, its definitely on the list, but for now I still have all three games on my working PS2.

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I loved the Sands of Time and really enjoyed the whole trilogy. I'll admit that in the original combat became pretty stiff and repetitive at points, and hopefully they will improve it. As for having a means to carry water, while it would be cool, I liked having to rely on the rewind mechanic with the Dagger of Time to find ways to overcome enemies.

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If it ever comes to the Switch, I might be interested in playing it. I played the PSP game and enjoyed it a lot, but was also confused because it obviously wasn't the first one and there were a lot of things that went over my head. Still, the gameplay was really darn fun. I played one on the Wii, too, but I never finished it because I sucked too hard at platforming to get through this one section. I've still always had a lingering interest in the games, though, so if this does make its way to the Switch, I will be very tempted.


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Jul 31, 2010
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I think it's hilarious that this game was 100% ready to come out and then just silently vanished. I'm not the biggest Prince of Persia fan, but I did enjoy The Forgotten Sands and when I went back to play through the older games, The Sands of Time just felt really limited by comparison.

In the age of the video game remakes that brought us games like Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 2, Dead Space, and Resident Evil 4, seeing The Sands of Time looking like nothing more than a remaster with a new coat of paint completely signified the cash grab nature of the entire project. There was no real heart, but it was something old that Ubisoft could pull from a hat and join in on the trend with.

So at the very least, I'm glad they've scrapped the whole thing and could at least start over from scratch and actually attempt a meaningful remake with actual potential to relaunch the franchise.

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