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Spoiler Prequel to Skyward Sword?


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Mar 20, 2012
Hey guys and gals! :) Did you ever think that there would be a sequel to Skyward Sword? I know that it's the or an origin game for the series, but there was a few things unexplained in the game. I'm mainly talking about the Ancient Robots. We really don't know that much about them, other than they fought along with the other races to defeat Demise and then turned into decay. Maybe they could be the base of the game, or the first time Demise attacked. I think that fighting along side helpers against a plethora of moblins and stalfos? So I'm egar to hear what you think about if they sould make a prequel, what sould be the basic plot, and who would be the main villan. (Though it would most likely be Demise because he did, in fact, set the curse opon Link & Zelda.):hmm:


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Jul 6, 2011
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I don't think there will ever be a prequel to SS. I can think of allot better games Nintendo could make with wars in Zelda such as the seal war, or the Hylian civil war/interloper war. I reckon SS link is the first link, people with his spirit are cursed after SS so there's probably no link before. Demise was fought by the Goddess and not link prior to his sealing so there really is no need for a sequel and I would rather they did not make one. I'm happy to have SS as the very first game in the series.


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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
I'm confused on whether you're talking about a prequel or a sequel. :?
Anyways, the Ancient Robots more than likely couldn't handle Demise's army.
I mean, c'mon, look how cute they are! It's almost insane to think they could put up a fight.
Why else do you think they all died and are now covered in sand?
They are not the base of the game. The feud between Hylia and Demise is the base of the game.
Along with the rescue of Zelda and the birth of the Hero.
The main enemies would be Ghirahim, Demise, and their armies.

ALSO: you're more likely to have a sequel to SS than a prequel.
I think there will be another bout of Skyward Sword, even if Minish Cap and OoT are considered the true sequels it wouldn't be hard for Nintendo to pull an immediate sequel on the 3DS in the way that Phantom Hourglass was to Wind Waker.

Though I don't thing a prequel would work, Nintendo started the story in SS, yes they brought in yet another war and races that have never been seen before or after and a lot of SS could have occurred at any point in the timeline were it not for a couple of conversations between characters.

As for the proposed prequel taking place during a war, or any proposed Zelda story ting place during a war; Nintendo will probably never do it, Zelda games are about Link and his personal struggles and courage and freedom of exploration. Shigeru Miyomoto has stated numerous times that Link is an almost surrogate persona for him. As a child he wanted to explore the word and go on great adventures, that pure and innocent drive is what is still driving Zelda games. A war where troops crawl over each other to spill the blood isn't what Zelda is about. Leave that to games like Dynasty Warriors.
Jun 11, 2012
While I don't think they're going to make a prequel to LoZ SS I think I would enjoy a game that takes place before and during the time when Demise tried to take over the world. Not only would it further explain the time line I think it would be cool to see Hylia fight Demise. They wouldn't be able to call the game anything with in the title LoZ because it wouldn't be a LoZ but it could be a separate franchise perhaps. :)


Jan 19, 2011
A prequel to SS would be virtually pointless. We already had the forging of the True Master Sword, how Link grew to posses the spirit of a hero and potentially how Hyrule was created. A sequel would be fabulous, but a prequel.... Eh, a bit overkill.

This, I think that SS covers the begining of the timeline. Another game in the universe of Hylia and Demise would be amazing though.... I just contradicted myself, oh well!
Jun 19, 2011
After SS, there should not be any more Zelda prequels. Period.

Actually, the only Zelda prequel I would like to see is an ALttP prequel that involves the sealing war but other than that there should not be any more prequels!


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May 26, 2010
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There's basically nothing told in SS that is worthy of a prequel in my opinion. "Hylia did such and such for the various races, it should be depicted in a game!" I too was of that thought process, but then I realized something: it's such a small event that barely anyone cares about, and knowing Nintendo post Wii, it wouldn't come out half as well as it's told in SS. "Okay, what about the robots?!" Nope, they're insignificant (remember, Hylia is the main character of the backstory to SS).

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