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Preording Issues You've Had

Sep 3, 2011
Hey, everyone of you who says there's no problems with Amazon. Guess what? We changed the address ( Because we moved) right before we pre-ordered it. And guess what? She checked it again, and it said it was going to the OLD address. So, now, we changed it and I have to wait even more! :mad: Honestly! I am wondering if it has anything to do with the devil. Him: :devil: I WANT EVERYTHING WITH A ANGEL IN IT DO BE DELAYED OR GONE! Maybe its how my life is getting worse and worse and worse, and I need to blame it on someone......

Nyan Cat

Nyan! Nyan!
Jun 5, 2011
In the Nyan Galaxy!
I preorder from Amazon all the time. I'm just going to say this...if you want a game ASAP, preorder from a store where you can drive and pick it up. If you can't then use Amazon. Because I'm a highschool student who is studying aboard and doing dual enrollment at college I barely have time to go to the mall so I use amazon. It arrives at my apartment, and after homework I get to play to my hearts content, and not have to worry about standing in line (if I'm extremely tired when I could be doing something else).

Also it would be wise to read which shipping you want. Sure it may be an extre dollar or two but your game sooner.
Apr 4, 2012
Seattle, WA
I preordered Skyward Sword to be shipped to my house. It didnt come till like 2 weeks later :C NEVER GOING TO PREORDER A GAME TO SHIP TO MY HOUSE EVER AGAIN!!!!!

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