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Post Your Zelda Scores

Apr 7, 2012
Death Mountain
Legend of Zelda:9/10
Adventure of Link: 5/10
Link to the Past: 6/10
Link's Awakening: 8.5/10
Ocarina of Time: 11/10
Majora's Mask: 7.5/10
Wind Waker: 7/10
Twilight Princess: 9.5/10
Skyward Sword: 5/10


poog tnalp yknuhc
Jul 11, 2012
I'm only doing the Zelda games I've played and the scores will be based on my experience during the first play through.
The Original LoZ i'm going to give it a 6/10. I have never beaten this game but it is very difficult for me it. It doesn't tell you where you need to go or what you need to get it's almost impossible.

A Link To The Past. It was awesome my first time playing through it. It was nice and simple in my opinion, I was even able to collect a majority of the heart pieces and I didn't have a hard time with the dungeons either and it has an amazing replay value.
I'm just gonna stop here and tell you the score i'm giving it 10/10

Link's Awakening. Aw man this game this game is outstanding I loved everything about it the story the items the dungeons all of it one of my favorite things it had was the trading sequences it was really worth doing. Also the music in this game for me is one of the post memorable Zelda soundtracks especially Ballad Of The Wind fish that's just something I can't forget. Also the ending made me a little teary eyed from the sadness of it all. 10/10

Ocarina Of Time. I loved this game it was the first N64 game i've ever played. It was awesome how you go back and forward through time. I loved the items you get and I always thought the story could be a little better. The dungeons were fun and challenging. My score is 8/10

Twilight Princess. This game was very fun for me. It felt kind of like OoT but that's good right? Anyway the story like OoT could have been a bit better. The things you could collect like the golden bugs was very fun in my opinion also the some of the things you had to do for heart pieces were fun but some time consuming. The controls were great so were the items a lot of them were useless though not even that close to the end of the game. But i'd have to give it a 7/10

Oracle Of Ages. It's a very fun game. It has a high replay value for me especially how you can interact with Oracle Of Seasons with special codes and such and sometimes get secret dialogue that you could only get if you play it second. The story was very good and I loved how the main villain plays a bigger part in the game unlike other Loz games when Ganon just sits back and watches It's a great game the dungeons are for people who really love puzzles because you will get some of the best ones. 9/10

Oracle Of Seasons. The opposite of OoA. It has a lot of action and isn't based on puzzles like OoA just action which isn't bad a lot of the things are the same with slight changes and a different story I just wish the main big baddy interacted more like Veran but oh well. 8/10
Aug 29, 2012
Ok, I'm new here and these are mine:

SS : 6/10 Good story. But I thought it was lacking in motivation for the quest. I also thought the 'advanced' motion controls did more harm than good.
OOT : 10/10 Not the first Zelda I played and still I think it blows all the others I've played out of the water. Top 5 games of all time on my list.
ALtTP : 8/10 Awesomeness. You can tell where OOT got a lot of inspiration. One of my favorite Ganon fights.
LA : 5/10 It took me a while to want to continue this game. I thought the story was engaging, but looking down every second to change weapons was annoying. I know they did this in every Zelda, but this one seemed more tedious. Also, it just didn't suck me in.
LoZ : 6/10 Had fun. Needed a walkthrough. Probably won't play again
AoL : 7/10 Liked. I had fun with the battle system
TP : 8/10 Great look. I thought the simplicity in motion controls made handling this Wii game easier. I also just like the graphics style. Sorry to all those who disagree on that point.
WW : 8/10 My favorite storyline in the series. Best plot moment to me ever in a Zelda is getting lowered into the frozen Hyrule castle. I love every second about that scene.
PH : 4/10 Poop story. Fun Zelda gameplay, though.

I'm in the middle of the Minish Cap for the first time ever and have to say that so far (with all elements found and just the final dungeon to go) it's the best handheld Zelda I've played. Fun story, cool how they take such a small overworld and it becomes huge by adding the shrinking element so something as small as a bughole in the ground is actually an underground civilization. I would definitely give it a 7/10 up to this point. Sucks I waited so long to play.


Boy Wonder
Jun 22, 2011
Behind you
How does a 10 scale system not judge quality?

Poor wording on my part. Comparison of scores is qualitative rather than quantitative. An 8 is unarguably higher than a 7; but a three-star might not necessarily be better than a four-star. It gives allowances for games/films/etc. that provide exactly what they set out to provide, even if that provision isn't necessarily artistically exceptional. If I were to give four-star ratings to the games, you'll see that they're markedly different.

The Legend of Zelda: * * * * (6/10)
The Adventure of Link: * * (5/10)
A Link to the Past: * * * (6/10)
Ocarina of Time: * * * * (8/10)
Majora's Mask: * * * * (10/10)
Oracle of Ages/Seasons: * * * (6/10)
The Wind Waker: * * * * (8/10)
The Minish Cap: * * * (7/10)
Four Swords: * * (4/10)
Four Swords Adventures: * * (5/10)
Twilight Princess: * * (7/10)
Phantom Hourglass: * * (5/10)
Spirit Tracks: * * * (6/10)
Skyward Sword: * * (7/10)


Loz 7/10
AoL 5/10
LA 6/10
ALttP 8.5/10
MC 8/10
PH 7.5/10
OoT 9/10
MM 11/10 !!!
WW 7.5/10
TP 10/10
SS 9.5/10


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Feb 8, 2011
Legend of Zelda - 7/10
Adventure of Link - 5/10
Ocarina of Time - 9.5/10
Majora's Mask - 10/10
Wind Waker - 6/10
Twilight Princess - 10/10
Skyward Sword - 10/10
Aug 26, 2012
Loz: 6
AoL: 7 (I propbably rate it so "high" because it felt so good to beat it)
ALttP: 7
LA: 10
OoT: 10 (my first Zelda game)
MM: 10+ (my 2nd Zelda game, this game is just magical)
OoS: 9,5 (linked game with Twinrova and Ganon)
OoA: 9
TWW: 8,5
FSA: 5 (The most bland Zelda game I've played. Have only played the single adventure though, it probably is more fun as multiplayer)
TMC: 9,5
TP: 8,5
SS: 7 (Amazing game and gameplay, for the most part, but too many things that annoy me
e.g. when the gameplay stops in the middle of a fight/action to show you that you just picked up
an Amber Relic or some other stuff for the fifty eleventh time; Fi's constant (mostly) unhelpful interruption;
The imprisoned; not being able to skip, to mention just a few. What were they thinking.


Dec 13, 2009
This is my score for zelda games that i played and beated:-
Apr 16, 2010
LoZ - 6.5/10
AoL - 5/10
ALttP - 6/10
LA - 8.5/10
OoT - 10/10
MM - 8/10
FS - 4/10
WW - 9.5/10
MC - 8.5/10
TP - 9/10
PH - 8/10
ST - 7.5/10
SS - 9.5/10


May 10, 2012
8/10 Original Legend of Zelda
7/10 Zelda II
8/10 A Link to the Past
9/10 Link's Awakening
10/10 Ocarina of Time
10/10 Majora's Mask
7.5/10 Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons
(Never beaten 4 Swords or played it long enough to judge)
8/10 Wind Waker
9/10 Minish Cap (I want Vaati to return)
9/10 Twilight Princess
7/10 Phantom Hourglass (probably my least favorite Zelda game)
8/10 Spirit Tracks
10/10 Skyward Sword

Burning Beast

Go to Hell 4 Heavens Sake
Dec 6, 2012
Zelda Dungeon
Of those I've played:
The Legend of Zelda: 8/10 *
Adventure of Link: 6/10 *
Ocarina of Time: 10/10
Majora's Mask: 8/10*
Wind Waker: 9/10
Twilight Princess: 7.6/10
Skyward Sword: 10/10

* Subject to change do to the fact I haven't beat these games yet.


Dec 3, 2008
Kind of hard to rate some of the games, but I'll try my best.

Legend of Zelda - 7/10
Adventure of Link - 7/10
A Link to the Past - 10/10
Link's Awakening - 9/10
Ocarina of Time - 8/10
Majora's Mask - 9.5/10
Oracle of Ages/Seasons - 7/10
Wind Waker - 9.5/10
Minish Cap - 6/10
Four Swords - 4/10
Four Swords Adventures - 6/10
Twilight Princess - 5/10
Phantom Hourglass - 4/10
Spirit Tracks - 3/10
Skyward Sword - 4/10


Feb 24, 2010
Legend of Zelda - 6/10
Adventure of Link - 7/10
A Link to the Past - 10/10
Ocarina of Time - 10/10
Majora's Mask - 10/10
Wind Waker - 8/10
Minish Cap - 7.5/10
Twilight Princess - 4/10
Skyward Sword - 5/10

I didn't rate ones I haven't played thoroughly.

EDIT: JuicieJ has inspired me to use an alternative system of grading, although instead of letters which I find lacking I have decided to use Chinese hanzi to show my approval/disapproval of certain games. Anyone with a basic grasp of Mandarin should find this to be an improved system, so I assume we'll see more use of it.

Legend of Zelda - 马马虎虎
Adventure of Link - 不草
A Link to the Past - 很好
Ocarina of Time - 非常好
Majora's Mask - 很好啊
Wind Waker - 酷
Minish Cap - 好
Twilight Princess - 不要
Skyward Sword - 不好
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