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Post your desktop or phone wallpaper


Nine Tailed Hannya.
Feb 25, 2011
Well mine would be of Toushiro Hitsugaya from bleach :)!!
oh and it's much bigger on my screen but this is all i can do for now.


Former Hylian Knight
Jun 8, 2009

Got this picture from the new Nintendo of Japan teaser site for the game. I can't stop looking at it.


I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
Not sure how to take a screenshot, but here's the pic there, anyway:
View attachment 10971

I have this as my bakground now...!View attachment 11178 No idea how to take a screen shot yet...

For all who do not know how to take a screenshot, all you have to do is press the "Print Screen" button. If you are using a desktop, then you can simply press the key, but if you are using a notebook/laptop, then you might need to press the function key (fn) and then the print screen key (on mine, it would be with insert).


Infinite Dreamer
Nov 21, 2010
Storybrooke, Maine
^ Mmmmm yeah! That one was mine last week. I tend to change my background depending on my mood though....I might put it back up when OoT3DS hits on June 19th ^^

Current background is this:

It might be different tomorrow though :silent:

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