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Possible Evidence of Oocca in SS



Okay so I was rewatching the Skyward Sword Comic Con trailer, and I noticed something that could be important. Or, I could be crazy.o_O If you pause at 1:31 and go full screen, the faces of the statues seem familiar. The face on the left looks a lot like an Oocaa to me. Sorry I would do a screencap but I have no idea how. ALso, I may be wrong but I remember there being mention of the Oocca having advanced technology in TP. That room is clearly part of the "technology dungeon" in SS.


Here is a picture of the Oocca in Twilight Princess.

I'm refering to the little dude BTW.

Am I on to something? Am I crazy? Discuss:suspicious:


WASABI! (" L,")
Jul 31, 2011
Umm. i dont see it. mabey the shape is right. it would'nt make much since for oocaa to be in this game, or as a statue. although anything is possible we know very little about this game. good observation though :)

i looked back and now i see it! oops. Probably just a coincidence >.<
Aug 2, 2011
I see it, This game takes pace hundreds of years before oot...which takes place (100?) years before TP......so Im sure there will be liberties in a slight redesign of the Oocca
Feb 23, 2011
I see something that looks a bit like the Yetis of Twilight Princess (most definitely NOT to say those statues are Yetis :shake:). They also appear to have oddly shaped hands...:yes:

Oh, but those eyes...


Graphic Designer
Feb 22, 2011
I can see the resemblance, but this game is hundreds of years before Ocarina of Time, which is hundreds of years before Twilight Princess, where the Oocca first appeared. I have to say no on this one. The design of the face resembles the Oocca, but the rest of the statue looks VERY different. So...yeah. I'm gonna have to say "no".

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