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Possibility for Downloadable Skyward Sword Demo in Wii Shop Channel


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Aug 6, 2010
I think that it is a great idea to put it on the shop channel! I was actually considering it myself once I saw the demo and realized that nintendo could upload it to the wii shop channel.

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Aug 19, 2009
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Honestly, I highly doubt it. They've never done it before with ANY Wii game (that wasn't on WiiWare) and to be honest, I highly doubt that they'll put a demo up on the Wii Shop Channel now if they haven't done it for games like Super Mario Galaxy.

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I love that to happen but would it cause stress to do so? I mean its possible but the makers may get annoyed and stop doing skyward sword for a while D:


Aug 29, 2010
Well, the game is gonna come pretty soon, well 8 more months (i'm taking the april release) so why bother putting it? also, you would have to buy wii motion plus, and the game is gonna come with it free, and since the game is like $50.00 , and if the demo were to release for like 3000 points PLUS motion plus which is about $25.00 , the demo would cost about $55.00, the real game would be $50.00 , not much difference but why pay more for something that doesnt have everything, and wouldnt we pay for the full game PLUS free wii motion plus??? So simply, my answer is no.
Jun 1, 2010
Well, I think that would be awesome if they rleased a demo of Skyward Sword but all these replies seem like they are copied and pasted from some list. :(


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Apr 14, 2008
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Even if it were put on the Wii Shop Channel I wouldn't get it. I wasn't never a fan of Demos as you can't get into a game that way. Although if it weren't on a time limit, that might make it a bit better (WW demo, I'm looking at you!). Still, I'd rather wait for the actual game because I think it would just seem so much more exciting to be experiencing it for the first time that way. Just my opinion.


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Sep 8, 2010
well I sent an email to nintendo asking if they were considering putting skyward sword in the wii shop, but they completely avoided my question and they just sent me some pre-written letter saying that they appreciate my questions and comments or watever :[
Jan 25, 2010
Yeah, It would be cool if they did.

Still, I'd rather wait for the actual game because I think it would just seem so much more exciting to be experiencing it for the first time that way. Just my opinion.

I agree,
And that's why I don't think they should give a demo of the final game. Maybe they should give the E3 demo, just for us to see the gameplay.
But it doesn't seem like something Nintendo would do T_T

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Sep 3, 2010
God, that would be amazing! Nintendo has never made available a public demo before. Having one for Skyward Sword would just be sensational.


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Jan 30, 2010
I'd love to see a downloadable demo for SS. It would be something entirely new and it would be something that I think everyone would enjoy, since we'd be getting a look at what the game will be like anyway. It's a good idea and I hope it pulls through!

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