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General Modern Possibilities of a Virtual Reality Zelda Game

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With the rate of technological advancements, possibilities like being able to play video games in a virtual, 3D world would most likely not be far off. In fact, the light novel Sword Art Online, which is set just ten years into the future, deals with various VRMMORPG's (Virtual Reality Mass Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Games). The characters wear helmets that intercept their brain waves and reproduce action and the five senses in a three-dimensional virtual environment. This process was called "FullDiving". Reading this novel made me consider what it would be like if a future Zelda game was a Virtual Reality video game. There are many possibilities.

First off, what would you like from such a Zelda game? Naturally, I'd want it to be done just right, considering it'd be the first of it's kind. I would expect it to be a less story-centric game. Based on past Zelda games that had a greater focus on the story, they seemed to be more linear. It would probably be best if a virtual reality Zelda game was less linear, so that the player wouldn't be physically forced to do certain things in a certain order. That would take away a sense of freedom, and experiencing it yourself first-hand would probably intensify this feeling.

Another thing to consider is the overworld. For a VR game, a wide-open overworld would probably be best. Once again, this deals with the freedom factor. This reason is also why I feel that games like Skyward Sword wouldn't do well as VR games, considering its overworld was sectioned and not very wide-open. Games like the original Legend of Zelda and Ocarina of Time would most likely do better in that regard.

This brings me of the topic of potential remakes using this technology. We already had an Ocarina of Time 3D. If VR technology advances to this point, it's quite possible we'd see an Ocarina of Time VR. In fact, I am almost certain this would happen. "Who wouldn't want to play the series' most iconic game in a virtual reality?"

Now then, what do you guys think of this? A VR Zelda game would make the amazing 1:1 motion controls of Skyward Sword obsolete. You'd actually be inside the game yourself, swinging your sword with your own hand. Conquering dungeons, fighting with monsters, exploring a vast world... With this kind of technology, you could truly experience the essence of The Legend of Zelda first-hand. Personally, I find this concept incredibly fascinating. I would absolutely love to play a VR Zelda game. Don't you guys think it would be amazing? What are your thoughts on this? What kind of possibilities can you guys come up with?
May 5, 2012
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Virtual reality would be awesome! However if it did happen it would probably cost a lot at the start :( and then once it become more main stream, those that would be against it would feel the need to let everyone know how badly the feel about it would try and get it banned.

If it was a real thing though i'd want: The feeling of it being real while still looking like a game. For my senses to be worked upon by the game, pain, smell, taste etc while still being safe.

Pretty much any game (except horror games unless yer just that hardcore :P) would probably be out standing in VR :) and could be even used for teaching!

Also if you actually had to move your body in some way to give some exercise :P


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Feb 9, 2012
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I don't see this technology as being super near in the future. Possibly when I'm like 90 and playing Skyward Sword would be too taxing. That being said, I would love for video games and especially Zelda to do this. However there are a few things in video games that really couldn't be possible with that sort of technology. For one, amazing cinematic cut scenes that feature the main character (or in this case you) wouldn't be able to happen as you wouldn't possibly know what to do in the cut scene unless it became sort of a quick time event which I feel would kill the experience. Or the cut scene could show you everything from a omnipotent point of view which again would kill the experience. Also story would probably go the wayside over gameplay, which I'm not a fan of. Yes, video games are first about gameplay and then story, but if you are planning to just drop story out completely to the point where it's not interesting then that is not the game for me. Just like in books and movies, there needs to be a story.

As for the genre that would benefit the most from VR, I'd say that would be the Survival/Horror genre. Imagine playing games like Resident Evil 1 and you were Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield and you are surrounded by zombies and as you squeeze the trigger you hear a click. Now that would be ****ing scary. But there is one thing that I'm not sure would work. How would your mind register when you were hurt or low on health? Would you feel a small zap or something?

As for what I think about at VR Zelda. I think it's awesome. I've always been a huge fan of bows and swords and to be able to play as Link and do all of that just makes me nerdgasm like crazy. It also would be amazing to ride Epona across Hyrule Field or sail the Great Sea on the King of Red Lions or fly through the sky with your Loftwing. Add stealth back into the series as you try to get past enemies that are too strong.

The possibilities that come from VR games are endless as we really don't know the capabilities of it. Granted I'm sure there will be some law suits that come with such technology as people forget themselves in the real world and only focus on the in game world. They forget to eat, sleep, etc. But I mean this already happens today. Take that kid (in Korea I believe) who was playing Diablo III in the internet Cafe for 3 days straight and died. Also how would you end the game? Would you just simply take off the helmet or is the helmet actually receiving all of the commands from your brain? That being said, how does this so called helmet receive those commands to begin with? Would you have to have wires going into your actual body? VR is amazing and frightening at the same time. I can't way to see it in the future though.


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Jul 12, 2011
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You know I used to have a dream where I invented the virtual reality room. You could take any game from any console and it would recreate the wotld for you. In my dream we did some tests and came to the conclusion that pain receptors were not safe at all. Think about it this way. You're playing call of duty and you feel the pain of a bullet destroying your skull. Suddenly you die because of the shock of that pain, and your brain would think it actually happened. I say no pain.

If it was a room for VR like in my dream, then there should some sort of rempte or you'll get trapped in the game. I played pokemon in one of my dreams but I brought a backpack with food and clothing so I could stay in for days. I'd luke it to be someyhing yhay you could be in for a while and have a great adventure.

But seriously I don't want to feel pain in a game as just the feeling could kill you. It'd be cool, but then your kill streak would become way too important. And you could never hug your pikachu :(

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