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Portal vs. Portal 2


Emancipated Wind Fish
May 11, 2014
United States
Both have their merit.

Portal 2 succeeds as a video game, by far. It has more content, more lore, more jokes, more puzzles and level editor. It took what we loved about Portal and expanded it, in spades.

Portal 1, however, is more of an art. It's minimalist, pure and focused. Opts for environmental storytelling over the "complete a level and get a cutscene" mentality of modern day video game storytelling.

Portal 1 innovated by defying people's expectations. Portal 2 served fans by delivering to their expectations. Overall, I have way more hours logged into Portal 2 because of the level editor, but Portal 1 (beatable in 1-2 hours) is just so easy to replay.


May 18, 2013
It's kind of hard for me to decide, I think I like Portal slightly better because it's shorter, I replay it more often to get my portal out of my system.


didn't build that
I like Portal, but I love Portal 2, mostly for the story and presentation. There's much more to digest, and it has more of what I liked about the first game.

There's charm in the simplicity of Portal--I think it's part of why people liked the game in the first place--and I like the shoot-anything philosophy, which put more of the game in the player's hands. That aside, I just have much more fun with the second game. It's more of an experience.

Before anyone accuses me of anything, I'll pre-emptively mention that I played and enjoyed the first game long before the second.

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