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Popular Things You Find Unnecessary or Don't 'Get'


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May 6, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I don't get vaping at all. I struggle with the concept of inhaling anything to be honest, but vaping is newer so I know less about it and don't understand how it could become popular.
I didn't get it at all before I moved to Japan since it isn't really a thing in Australia (they aren't sold in shops here so not many people have them). Once I was living there I actually saw them being used in person for the first time and I guess I kinda came to "get" it more. Some friends told me they were using it to get off of smoking which I guess is fair enough, they certainly smell a hell of a lot nicer to those around the smoker and the smoker themselves. Plus they seem to come in flavours which is another advantage over cigarettes I guess.

I'd never try it since it isn't for me. I don't see it becoming much more of a thing here though anyways since they're apparently about to slap a fine of up to $220,000 for importing or bringing vape products into Australia without a prescription.
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Jan 19, 2018
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my impression is that vaping is primarily penned off as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, although i guess not all vape juice has nicotine in it. I guess the appeal would be the same as in smoking cigars or cigarettes.

but i don't really get why people start smoking even knowing its as unhealthy and addicting as it is

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