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POLL: Hena (the Fishing Hole Girl) or Iza (the Canoe Girl)

Hena or Iza

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Prince of the Zoras
Apr 26, 2010
Florida; U.S.A
I think I liked Hena better. Mainly, because Iza is mean to the zora that guides you down the river, (that zora will get revenge someday!:mad:) and because Hena doesn't yell at you if you break stuff!

But what do you think? Hena or Iza? Who's side are you on?
Dec 11, 2009
Well, I'd probably say Hena, but just to let you know Hena can be mean to Link. She'll call Link a jerk. You can actually get kicked out of the building in the Fishing Hole. Roll around into the walls and/or fish tank. After a while she kicks you out. Then you get some choices when you walk back in.
Apr 6, 2012
Hena ofcourse. Iza was trying to use her body to sell her canoe ride and doesnt seem to be passionate about her profession. Hena is nice, pretty and passionate about her fishing profession.


The White Knight Alien
Mar 22, 2012
A Distant Nebula
Hena is a lot nicer, but I feel that Iza is prettier. I let my eyes govern me, which really screws me over. If I were a better person, I would choose Hena. If Iza were extremely mean, then I would choose Hena, but Iza is only slightly mean. I'm sorry that I disipoint others with my decision, but I choose Iza. Also, her afro is BA!

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