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Pokemon Trade?

Apr 8, 2012
Hello, thank you for having the courtesy to wave your mouse over this post. Moving on, The reason I want people to at least respond to this forum thread is: I am, or rather was, looking for a Dratini. Sadly, I couldn't find one. I was hoping someone would reply to this post on this forum thread to trade me a Dratini, level does not matter, As I will be breeding him or her, It does not matter to me if it is a"shiny" Dratini, just any Dratini will do, Although If you do choose to offer a "Shiny" or "Higher-leveled" Dratini I will not turn down.now of course, sadly my sister started a new game and saved so I do not have many pokemon to offer, but from the few that i have I will offer, all of which are NOT SHINY:A male level 13 CYNDAQUIL, A female Metapod level nine, A female Geodude level 10, A male Pidgey level 10, a male lv. 27 Larvesta, lv. 48 solrock, male lv.44 Emboar, newly hatched level one Tepig, male level 19 Quilava, togepi lv.11, two level one mareep, lv. 19 Flaafy, a level one and 21 sudowoodo, lv. 31 Druddigon, and a newly hatched level one Togepi.I do not, however have a friend code yet, as I am not very far into the game. A mere one badge is all I have.:(that's all i'm saying for now
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The game is on!
It seems like you're playing either Soul Silver or Heart Gold, am I right? Sadly I do not have internet access on my DS, otherwise I could have traded you a Dratini. But can get one yourself you know! In Dragon's Den (which is a place in Blackthorn City in case you didn't know) you can both catch a wild one from the water or (this is easier and it's a cooler Dratini to have) you can easily get a lv. 15 Dratini as a gift there. So if you're not too anxious to get a Dratini very early you can easily get one in the game before you challenge the Elite Four. ;)


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
I would be willing to trade you a Dratini! I have about at at least 10 of them! o_O The only problem is my wi-fi, it works at some times and doesn't at other times. If you need to, send me a PM that you are ready and I'll try and see if my connection works in time to complete your request.

With that being said, I wish you the best of luck on your Dratini trading!
Apr 8, 2012
Well, actually I can trade it in either pokemon black, white, or heartgold, guess I should've written I had black and white....I must edit now!

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