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Pokemon ROM Hackathon


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Jul 31, 2012
We are a group of anonymous ROM hackers that will be hacking together for 24 hours to collaborate on a ROM hack starting on 2013-05-12 at 08:00 CST (GMT -5). We just want to have fun. Anyone is welcome to participate, but you should make sure you are able to use the toolchain prior to the beginning of the event because we will be too busy hacking to help you, so you are encouraged to seek out assistance before the event if you want to join us.

All romathon communication will occur through the #skeetendo IRC channel on the nucleus.kafuka.org server. We are collaborating through the pokecrystal-demo git repo.

Here are the rules:
(1) There's no story. Just make stuff.

(2) All outdoor maps are 20x20.

(3) No "routes".

(4) No endless fields of Rattata/Pidgey/Zubat. When in doubt, just ask the group.

(5) All work must be based on pokecrystal.git (actually we will be using a hack repository called pokecrystal-demo.git, see below for details).

(6) Commit, push and pull request regularly. Source code must be included (no binary blobs for asm; never lz files) when you make a pull request.

(7) Code must compile, and ideally not cause the game to crash. Bonus points for adding jython tests (that work with vba-clojure (see extras/vba.py)) with changes that you submit in pull requests. This lets us automatically test the game for bugs.

(8) Once you make a pull request, the content is owned by the community (either public domain or CC-BY-SA) and can be edited by anyone. But also, we will not tolerate random defacement.

(9) Anyone is allowed to participate, but nobody is required to provide help on setting up the toolchain during the event (so either do this before, or do it on your own, etc.).

All contributions are welcome, including content, mapping, scripting, engine hacks, stat hacks, and even appropriate graphics like tilesets, frontpics, backpics, palettes, whatever.

This is a hack based on pokecrystal. You can find out more about pokecrystal here:


The hack repository is pokecrystal-demo:


We are using this wiki during the hackathon:


Thank you.

PS: The hackathon is over BUT we are still working on it anyway. So stop by if interested.

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