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Game Thread Pokemon Delta Emerald Mafia - BMGf Crossover - Endgame - 5/10/2017

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Morbid Minish

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Oct 1, 2016
Gonna go to bed soon, so this will be my last post before eod.

But given what I stated before, I feel like lynching Emiya might be in our best interest. He's the only active person left that I feel has been kinda scummy, and I don't want to let him slide by on just his claims anymore when even they seem a bit odd.

Vote: EMIYA Shirou


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Feb 23, 2014
Ok so I checked with dylan and apparently I am allowed to post my riddles and mysteries publicly. So before I get into them I'll explain the difference. Riddles are given to me on odd nights and demand an answer. Based on the masons riddle I got, the answer is a character/characters from this game. Mysteries are hints but don't require answers (and I don't know what any of them mean anyways lol). So here they are

Riddle 1:

Two pure souls, united in birth, united in death
Two more souls, in battle unite, with unspeakable might.
The four of them, with the bond of PM
Who are they?
<requires 4 answers>

Riddle 2:

Coming from another place, secrets are their passion.
Waves flags of many colors, but never one to surrender.
Loves to travel, knows where to hide, to avoid all disaster.
A free spirit with a love of adventure, can you find the secrets faster?
Who am I?

Riddle 3:

Loving the wind, breath of the wild.
At night calm, at day in style.
Up above the clouds,
With my trusty bow.
Who am I?

Mystery 1:

Time and Space, two legends not native to this region.
Yet they appear here, for no particular reason.
As time flows, it's space that comes and goes.
At this endless loop lies Gabby's next scoop.

Mystery 2:

She who is the seed of a tree
The Force of protection with you "5HE" be
Enemy or friend, science or love
Her care of all species, what keeps her from grief above

Mystery 3

Still waiting lol, mods said they'd get it to me when they could

In conclusion the first riddle is obviously about the masons/lover. The second riddle I have no idea who it could be but maybe it could hinting at a comutter? It makes sense since we know there is one now and the other characters who have been revealed haven't really fit the bill. The third one sounds like Revali but it's not. No idea who it could be talking about there. Also it's not skyla as I guessed that last night.
Riddle 2 seems to match my character in flavour and in role and it seems likely to be me. I'm not sure how much info I can give on my character though so idk if I can help you solve.

Ftr I have commuted on two separate nights now and am basically just a VT. I used the shots rather randomly because I wasn't really keeping up with the game.

So much so that I am a tad confused. Have minish's kills actually born fruit so far?


Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...
Feb 23, 2014
Okay, I'm not actually convinced about this "it has to be an active user" thing.

Bok's role checks out. Minish's role checks out. Emiya's role is sorta checked out. Emiya's role is definitely iffy and I do think it's more likely an active user, but I don't think I'm going to instantly jump on the active users depending on his flip.


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Jul 12, 2017
  1. @EMIYA Shirou
  2. @Lone_Garurumon
  3. @Jamie
  4. @Minish_Link
  5. @AussieEevee
  6. @musicfan
  7. @Bok of the Wild
  8. @Finn Bálor
  9. @Libk
  10. @DarthWolf
Day 7 Final Vote Count:
Darthwolf: II (EMIYA Shirou, Bok of the Wild)
Emiya: II (Musicfan, Minish_Link)

No lynch occured.

It is now Night 7. Night 7 ends in 24 hours.
Excuse me, Fixed final vote count:
Darthwolf: I (EMIYA Shirou
Emiya: III (Musicfan, Minish_Link, Bok of the Wild)

Emiya Shirou was lynched, they were...
Dear [EMIYA Shirou], You are Maxie.

Ex-Leader of Team Magma, after disbanding your team you have gone into hiding, but after the recent rumors of a new team, Team Soaring, forming in Hoenn. You've decided to come out of hiding and have attempted to contact Brendan, the one who stopped you and your team, to warn him of this treat. Without any success.

Due to this, you'll have to take your own actions, you are the 2x Jailor. At night twice a game, you may target someone, jailing them for the night. Protecting them and role blocking them for the duration of the night.

You are allied with Town and win when all those who oppose you have been defeated.
It is still Night 7. Phase end time doesn't change.
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